What Are the Long Term Effects of Marijuana Addiction?

If you're interested in a couple of great reasons to stop smoking marijuana, maybe you ought to think about the long-term consequences connected with your dependence.
Activists and advocates of marijuana legalization often insist that smoking marijuana does not have any negative long-term consequences in any way, but recent study appears to disprove this theory. Based on current research, regular marijuana use on a lengthy period can be equally as detrimental to your system as regular cigarette use, and can in reality cause many extra difficulties in life not found in people who use tobacco independently.
Long-Term Effect on your Body

Unlike many drugs, the damaging metabolites of marijuana are can live on your body for extended periods at a time. This might be anywhere on your body which has fat cells, and can be inside essential organs, the lungs, heart, kidney and your own brain.

The Brain A research conducted in the University of Melbourne took MRI images of the brains of 15 men who'd smoked five joints more everyday for over ten decades.
It discovered that the pieces of their brains which govern emotion and memory, the hippocampus and the amygdala, were considerably smaller compared to those of non-smokers of bud. The abnormalities found were like traumatic brain injury and early aging.
The Heart Marijuana use can lead to an elevated heart rate, in some instances as much as 50 beats a second quicker than the standard pace. Together with reduced blood pressure, which can be brought on by marijuana in precisely the exact same period, is a recipe for failure.
It's projected that someone who regularly uses marijuana is 4 times more likely to undergo a heart attack compared to a non-user.
The Lungs Marijuana may be equally as harmful to the lungs as tobacco, and as a result of how in which the medication can be smoked, can actually be more harmful. Individuals who smoke marijuana generally inhale deeper than cigarette smokers, and have a tendency to maintain the smoke in more causing increased damage to the lungs. The effects into the lungs include All the following:
  • Cough and phlegm production
  • larger risk of lung cancer
  • larger chance of lung ailments
  • Heightened risk of lung disease
  • Obstructed airways and breathing issues.
  • As much as 20 percent decrease in lung capacity
Long-Term Impact on your Daily Life
Perhaps you have heard of a pro-active long-term bud smoker?
Among the most harmful long-term consequences of marijuana is not a physical symptom in any way, but instead the change in behavior, lifestyle and lifestyle the medication can cause.
Research shows that marijuana has the capacity to modify a users understanding of lifestyle. Because of the altered perception, regular consumers of marijuana may wind up with very little ambition, and their actions can be sprinkled in the best of times. Among the most typical problems complained about by long-term bud smokers is that the reduction of motivation or drive felt in lifestyle.
Several studies have correlated employees smoking bud over long spans with a range of diminished performance problems such as increased absences, accidents, workers' compensation claims, job turnover, and a general fall in attitude towards work.
As you may see, marijuana use isn't anywhere near as secure as some will have you think. Pot can affect virtually every system in the body, inducing both long-term and short consequences. If you're trying to find a reason to stop, do it on the own health if nothing else.