What Does it Mean When You Draw the Hierophant in a Tarot Reading?

The Hierophant depicts a gorgeous location,fancy charm, emblematic images and the other external trappings of faith can help create atmosphere. Folks can easily direct their thoughts towards religious things, however too much attention on those things might have the contrary effect; some spiritual and religious movements have reversed opulence in favor of the utmost ease.

Hierophant is an ancient Greek word meaning that a priest that initiates, a person who interprets the sacred mysteries. These guys were thought to become vessels for spirits in certain rituals.
The Hierophant is dominated by Taurus which governs the next home of the Zodiac. The next home is connected with possessions, money,safety, the material world generally. These items look very far from religious realms. But, material possessions can say a great deal about a person for they are an external manifestation of an internal belief.
While The High Priestess represents a gateway to concealed wisdom and ancient secrets,'' The Hierophant can be a gateway, however a more traditional one. The fundamental tarot significance of the Hierophant is union. It pertains to the magnificent and conventional elements of union. This card indicates the public linking together of two families,two genders,two destinies. If you draw the Hierophant at a tarot card reading it may signify an elderly buddy, frequently a person older than you who can provide you with some sound advice.
You might feel a profound need for regular and you wish to eat your foods at same time daily. You find it hard to think straight when items are in a state of doubt around you, that is another tarot card significance of the Hierophant.
If you draw this card in a tarot card reading you could be going to college for a teacher or pupil. This card also represents an aspect of character. It indicates someone who's sort of Profession like a person who pays good attention to outside details, everyday routine and dislike for anything that disturbs even the typical goings on of everyday life.
The Hierophant also indicates a man who cares very much about what other men and women believe and likes to keep up with the Joneses. He or she has cash in the bank and also disapproves of extravagance.
Whenever the Hierophant manifests as a person he or she possibly a talented teacher, priest and mentor. Such a individual has entered your life to start a few psychological door for you showing what lies past.
You also need your role characterized clearly whether in connection or on the job. That is essentially the tarot card significance of Hierophant if you draw it into a tarot card reading.