Who Is Afraid Of Saturn?

The Planet Saturn is Famous in Western Hemisphere since the"Greater Malefic". In Indian (Vedic) Astrology the Planet of Discipline (Shani) can also be known as a Malefic.That having been said, there's a massive misconception about the Energies of Saturn today.

Astrologers might have called Saturn that a Malefic, but they've examined the placement of Saturn from the Birth Chart to check if Saturn is"behaving as a malefic" or not. Nowadays many folks automatically assume that Saturn (Shani) is a poor, unlucky world, before checking the facts of the Birth Chart.
It's time for somebody to speak up in defense of Saturn. The Planet Saturn is associated with flaws, boundaries, challenging labour and normally"limitations". It must be noted that these"limitations" are not arbitrary and mean-spirited (malefic). This merely suggests that Saturn gives us a continuous Reality Check, therefore another nickname"The Great Disciplinary". Since Saturn is very closely related to Time, punctuality, together with devotion, hard work, reliability additionally becomes something which Saturn needs from us.
Regardless of how"harsh" these phrases look, if a person takes a step backwards and believes the role those"harsh" notions play in our daily lives, it simple to find "field","punctuality","hard work" and"field"are just unkind, if we live a life of absolute laziness with no intention at all.
Traditionally, the 10th and the 11th Homes are ruled by Saturn. All these will be the House of Career and Public Recognition (10th) and the House of Friends, also Called the House of Profits and Gains. The 11th House is most likely the one most significant House for incoming material earnings and gain. The simple fact that Saturn rules those homes, actually underscores the incredible skill of Saturn to provide. Saturn is the Planet Earth (provided it's well positioned and well aspected) that may give the maximum, seeing, cash, fame, public awareness and achievement.
The Homes that Saturn aspects from the Birth Chart consistently obtain these characteristics too. (Saturn in, or aspecting the House of Death provides a lengthy life, because of this"delaying" impact of Saturn). Equally,"sudden accidents" will considerably benefit from Saturn, since the Planet Earth Discipline will automatically dilute big accidents into little simpler to handle accidents.
Throughout the Mahadasa (Planetary Stage ) of Saturn additional care ought to be taken of"following the rules" of Saturn, and challenging work can be anticipated. However, isn't function a fantastic thing? Goal, punctuality, discipline, stable work will be the backbone of a successful and joyful life.
Adopt the qualities demanded with this Good Disciplinary, execute your responsibilities faithfully and punctually, be reputable, work hard, persevere on your endeavors and Saturn will provide you the Success you deserve. Wearing Blue Sapphire and Lapis Lazuli put in silver will deliver excellent results! (Until the Birth Chart suggests otherwise.)
As Astrology is best employed as an instrument for understanding the Universe and enhancing our own lives, Planetary Stone will be far more successful if we knowingly adopt the qualities of this Planet whose energies those glorious stones station. Put on a lovely Blue Sapphire and knowingly"aim" to improving your attitude towards work and discipline, and the outcomes will surely amaze you.