5 Tips on How to Save Money on Insurance Service

5 Tips on How to Save Money on Insurance Service

All of us take one or another insurance policy and pay higher premiums for it, but only a few are aware about what we are paying for. We become so busy in our lives that we hurriedly sign up with the insurance companies to insure our vehicles, life, business and property, start paying the premiums and then forget all about the policy and its benefits. We never think about the insurance policy before we get into a trouble, which the policy covers or before the policy itself becomes invaluable.

Insurance providers never have policies, which come under ‘one size fits all’ solution. If we fail to review the policies, we miss out on significant benefits in terms of money. There is more than one way to save money on insurance services. Let us review 5 tips on how to save money on insurance service.

  1. Club all the Insurance Policies

In the business world, to ‘put all the eggs in one basket’ is deemed inappropriate. However; contrary to this, having all the insurance policies with one insurance company is considered highly beneficial. It helps to get a good discount on premiums. The insurer can get as high as 15 percent discount. It also helps to track all the policies a lot easier than where you have different policies with different providers.

  1. Prepay Your Insurance Premium

As per the financial position and stability, one can decide to pay the insurance premium monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or even annually. Of all the financial adjustments, it is best to settle the insurance premium on semi annual or annual basis as it helps to save the extra expenses, which otherwise are charged by the insurance companies on a monthly payment plan. The extra expenses on the monthly payment of insurance policy can go up to 2-3 percent of the premium amount.

  1. Maintain Good Credit Score

Many insurance providers offer good discounts to the insured if they have a good credit rating. Credit scores tell all about the person’s identification, their credit history and public records. The insurer gets all the information about the past financial obligations and the way the obligations were settled by an individual or business. Credit scores help the insurance companies to decide the risk cover under which an individual or business falls. A good credit rating is an indication that the insured is trustworthy in financial aspects and will pay the premium on time. So the insurance companies offer the policy on reduced rates.


  1. Evaluation of automobile, property and medical history of insured

In case you want to opt for an automobile insurance or property insurance against damage due to fire, theft and accident, then you need to get the vehicle and property, which you want to insure, properly evaluated. Higher the value of the vehicle and the property, higher will be the cost of policy and its related premium. However, in case of life insurance, this rule is opposite. If you have clear medical records, then the chances of getting policy at a reduced price are high.


A bit of diligent research can help you save lots of money when buying insurance policies.

3 Things to do to Get Low Cost Pet Insurance

3 Things to do to Get Low Cost Pet Insurance

Pets are like family. This is something that every family who keep pets agree to. In fact many families, which keep pets, think it’s good to have a pet insurance, in case something untoward happens to their pets. However, going for a pet insurance is a very subjective matter. Many families would willingly go for it. Many would need persuasion. Yet many think it is not an investment to make. For people who want to get a low cost pet insurance, here are three easy steps to do so.
•    Multi-Pet Policies
There are many families who have more than one pet or more than one kind or species of pet. For instance, a family has a dog, two cats and a bird. For such families, it is beneficial to go for multi pet policies. These policies club together the premium that has to be paid for each pet and demand a premium, which is much lower than what one has to pay, if one has to make separate policies for each. Multi pet policies are also transferable in nature such that if a little more than what is expected or saved for one pet is needed, sums from the savings of other pets can be put to use in those circumstances. Hence, one can decipher that multi pet policies increase the savings of the person and also accounts for low cost pet insurance.
•    Compare Quotes
For low cost premiums, one has to keep certain factors in mind. The very first one is the type of pet one has. There can be various types of pets. Some are:
>   Cats and dogs
>    Birds
>    Horses
>    Rabbits
>    Exotic species (snakes)
Premiums for these types of pets are very different from each other. Exotic species will always demand more than cats and dogs and horses. Thus quotes should be compared keeping in mind the following factors:
>    The type of pet
>    The age of pet
>    The specie of the pet
>    The health history/medical status of the pet
>    Notification of any prior accidents.
All this information put together would help in drafting a premium quote for a person’s pet. One must talk to an agent and decipher the lowest possible quote or range of premiums and then compare the quotes online and go for the one that can be fully trusted.
•    Self-Insurance
Self- insurance is a judicious method to consider while opting for a pet insurance. Here a person has to deposit a small amount monthly that can later help the pet in some way. However, self- insurance has two major limitations:
>    If something happens to the pet before the total premium is collected, one cannot seek insurance help for the pet.
>    If a pet is responsible for an accident and in turn gets severely injured the insurance companies are not liable to help the clients in such a case. However, cats are considered as free spirits and exempted from such treatments.
Thus these are the three easiest, safest and fastest ways of getting low cost pet insurance.

3 Factors to Consider Before Comparing Policies

Insurance is one option that everyone keeps open for themselves in today’s world. However, before one buys an insurance policy, one needs to go through a lot of contemplation. There is a lot of competition and opaqueness in this business of insurance policies. Every company wants to be better than the other and offers more choices to attract the clients. But it is important for a person to know these companies, their offers and, most importantly, their premium policies. One can simply compare these quotes online as well. However, there are a few very important things that should be kept in mind before one actually starts comparing their quotes.
This article deals with the three most important factors that one has to keep in mind when comparing policies.
Does the object need any insurance at all?
It is very important for a person to realize that should the object one is trying to get insured, needs to be insured or not. If a person wants to insure a vehicle when it is old member, it is a better option to opt for a medical insurance instead of going for vehicle insurance. Moreover, one should know the market value and price of the object that is to be insured. If the object is so fit to be insured, one should go ahead or else one should not try to insure it. For instance, it is more important to have a car insured than buying a pet insurance.
The premiums required . . . .
One should compare the premiums that the company is asking for. Here one should compare company to company premiums as well as the premium to object. This means that one should compare the premiums offered by the different companies. Also one should make a note of the fact whether the premium goes by the market standards, the government standards as well as whether it is just for the object for which one is seeking insurance. These premiums can be paid in monthly, quarterly or annual installments. One should understand how much they afford and accordingly decide the premium installments.
Policy Costs
The cost of the policy is the most important thing that one should keep a track of. In fact, different insurance companies may offer different costs for the same policy. There are additional factors like senior citizenship, bachelorhood, spinsterhood which provide further discounts on the cost of the policy. On top of that, certain private insurance companies sometimes offer discounts on the given policy cost, depending upon good credit records, timely fulfillment of the premiums and others. One should keep a lookout for these discounts when comparing quotes and policies. These types of discounts help in reducing the cost of the policy and the client saves money on the insurance services.
Thus, these are the three most important factors that one needs to keep in mind before comparing insurance policies.

3 Considerations to Keep in Mind Regarding Home Insurance

Obtaining a home insurance is not a piece of cake. A lot of things are to be considered while opting for a home insurance. It is the time to make certain important considerations when you are going for the ideal and the best coverage for your home. Among others, the 3 most important factors that are to be kept in mind are as follows:
•    The type of home insurance you are applying for matters the most. You will have an array of options to choose from. It is your job to decide which of the coverage options would serve you the best. However, one should not get swayed away with different kinds of coverage and their benefits. In order to extract the best out of the insurance plan one should do justice while deciding on the plan, policy and coverage options.
There are a number of factors on which the policy will depend and they are your geographical location, the age of your house and the possible risk factors. The extensiveness of the insurance coverage and the policy options will also vary according to the type of home you are residing in. The options will differ according to whether your home is owned or rented.
•    The second important factor you need to consider is whether you need mortgage protection insurance. If you have bought your home through mortgage then this is definitely one of the most important factors you should consider.
The mortgage protection insurance ensures that your mortgage amount gets fully repaid and your dear ones also get the required protection at times of unfortunate situations. The latter may include several cases like your untimely retirement, unemployment or unnatural death before repayment of the mortgage amount. This kind of insurance is extremely vital since it guarantees protection to your home in case of any unpredictable incident where you or your close ones can be rendered homeless.
•    The last, but surely not least, important factor among the 3 important considerations is that whether you should go for repayment policy or actual cash value policy. The latter, also known as ACV, allows your company to pay for the claims. However, the claims have to be paid at a lower amount by your company owing to the depreciation factors. This is fairly beneficial except for the ones who have lost all their properties in an accident or natural calamity. ACV may prove to be disadvantageous to the latter since they will not get the scope to rebuild their home.
On the other hand the repayment policy is comparatively advantageous even though it includes higher premium. You have to be clear enough of the available policies and plans and choose the one which is best for you. You should boldly take your final decision based on the amount of risk involved.
The above 3 considerations are to be kept in mind while buying home insurance. Opting for a home insurance does not only indicates protecting your home, but it also helps in securing you and your loved ones’ future. Thus, the decision needs to be taken carefully and wisely.

Buying a property, a land or a home, is the biggest investment that anyone ever makes. In the long

Buying a property, a land or a home, is the biggest investment that anyone ever makes. In the long run, the cost of repairing the property or replacing its valuable contents causes anguish. To avoid the unwanted expenditure, it is necessary to protect the house as well as its contents with a suitable insurance policy. An appropriate home insurance policy has two main elements:

  • Building Insurance: It covers the inside and outside structure of a home, including the permanent fitting at home such as bath sinks.
  • Content Insurance: It includes entertainment equipments, furniture, curtains and even the clothes at home.

The main reason for choosing a home insurance policy is to be financially secure to deal with unfortunate happenings such as earthquake or floods, which can destroy the property or its valuables or both. Before you go ahead and select any particular home insurance provider, you should shop around and collect a few insurance quotations. This is for the reason that the cost of an insurance policy differs from one insurance provider to the next.  The cost of a home insurance policy is influenced by many factors such as the place where you live in and the total cost of the property that you own.
You should choose competent insurance providers who can help you in worse time. There are a few elements that you need to consider when choosing the insurance services for your home. The elements include assessing the overall value of your house and reading the reviews of the insurance providers. These elements are explained in detail below:

  • Assessing the Overall Value of Your House – So long you are able to assess the overall value of your house, while applying for the home insurance, there is no doubt that you will meet the right policy. The value of a house should be ascertained as per the prevailing market rates. The value of your house could be more or less than the market rates of property in your place. If the value of your house is high, you should consider only those policies, which could provide the top-level protection. However, bear in mind that highly protective policies come with high premiums. If you want good policies, then you should be ready to spend some extra amount.
  • Read Reviews of Insurance Providers – It is foolhardy to neglect the reviews of insurance providers as the online reviews and offline words of mouth speak a lot about the services, which insurance providers give to their customers. Reading reviews can be considered as a necessary precautionary step to protect oneself from falling prey to mediocre insurance service providers. Customer reviews help you know about all the options that are available with an insurance provider. The specialist insurance providers go a step further and insure your property against events, which are not a part of any standard policy of home insurance. You can cash on those additional features of a policy with a bit of extra cost. Considering the online reviews are worth it in the long term. The reviews help you get an overall picture of an insurance company and thus make the comparison between different insurance providers a lot more easy.