3 Lead Generation Mistakes B2B Marketers Can’t Afford to Make

Getting good leads is always a top priority for B2B business owners. Good leads have the potential to convert into business thus enhancing the ROI. Marketers often adopt various different strategies for augmenting their lead generation processes and thus the results too. Your lead generation strategy might be strong, but it is also important that you pay attention to the details and do not commit mistakes that might cost you some good leads.

Here are three mistakes you need to look out for and get them fixed in order to bridge the gap between you and the good leads that are waiting for you!

Your top web pages aren’t optimized for effective lead generation:

Marketers often underestimate the power of website pages and landing pages that might otherwise prove to be a powerful source of good leads. Simply having webpages that showcase your services isn’t enough. Dedicated pages that have CTAs (Call to Action) are a must if you want leads. These CTAs can be placed on the landing pages with a form so that the visitor makes a quick buying decision if he is interested in your services. Remember, every visitor is a potential customer and it is up to you and your website design and content how you delight and engage this prospect. These are organic leads that have shown interest in your services on their own. So a website devoid of landing pages, CTAs can be a huge blunder and thus a missed opportunity to convert the most potential leads.

You aren’t leveraging the potential of Social media for lead conversions:

Social media can attract leads. It is all about gaining visibility and letting people know about you. But it isn’t enough to just be visible. You also need to check whether your content is aligned with your target audiences and does it convey the right message. Is your target audience well defined? If any or all of these answers are negative, you aren’t using social media strategically to attract leads.

What you could do to fix this is to form a solid content strategy with the right social media channels for your business. If you belong to the B2B segment; naturally LinkedIn would be the best choice for you. Likewise, you can also select other social media channels such as FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. depending upon the industry and your target audience.

You aren’t blogging regularly:

A blog is a consistent and continuous source of content that can attract leads to your website. This is one of the most crucial ingredients of your content strategy. Create resources for your visitors and you could have a good lead coming in. If you aren’t blogging you could be losing out on the visibility, the online presence through fresh content that has some smart CTAs. You can add CTAs on your blog to help you get leads through them.


Consistency, Content, and Call to Actions can be the three ‘C’s to drive the leads you want! Going back to the drawing board once in a while to fine-tune the strategy even revise it, update it realign it to suit the changing needs of your customers, market and the goals of your sales teams can be a good idea to make sure there are no loopholes in your plans. Eliminating wrong or rather ‘incorrect’ ways of doing things can be crucial if you want to be in line with the demands of your business and customers and get more leads for your business.