Book Review of Bollywood Invasion by Ricardo Alexanders

At once engaging and creative, Ricardo Alexanders' Bollywood Invasion enrapts readers using an enjoyable and fantastical coming of age story, set in a nicely posed mixing of fiction and reality that exceeds the reaches of continents and time.

Immediately the narrative brings you in, as originally, we fulfill John Palmieri residing in contemporary times in Brooklyn; he is a nerd and Beatles enthusiast in high school and frustrated together with his lower middle class existence. Things begin together in the throes of a fantasy, after more being bested by his own arch-enemy Frank Castellano. He also loathes Frank, that appears to possess so much greater than John; brighter mouth, larger home, more friends, better things, for example, the interest of the woman he secretly enjoys -Samantha.
The actual adventure starts when destiny crashes to his life, through an crash, knocking John unconscious. He wakes up as eighteen year-old Raj Scindia, a priest at the royal household. Obviously, he is originally confused by his abrupt transportation into a totally foreign lifestyle and culture that has many humorous moments resulting because he attempts to wrap his mind around what's occurred to him.
Meanwhile, as John acclimates to his new lifestyle, he understands he unexpectedly has the life he's always wanted, a life that currently includes cash, riches, keen girls and extensive privileges. In the end, choosing to make the best of his new conditions, John performs his adulterous brand new lifestyle into the hilt; he is being parties and psychic not actually taking his fresh life too badly until he matches the very best buddy of his guaranteed fiance, Ankita and drops instantly head over heels for her that within his fresh civilization gives rise to a lot of difficulties. While searching for ways to win over, John forays into the area of songs by linking a local group and utilizes his extensive knowledge of Beatles tunes to propel his team"The Beetos" into"Beatles" standing making him his team rock celebrities, thusly making a parallel world with the Bollywood version of this Beatles. Thus, their new found celebrity includes unexpected consequences, as the narrative progresses with situations that parallel events which happened with the famed Beatles.
Definitively, Bollywood Invasion proffers viewers a compelling read that entertains the imagination with a memorable journey into maturity.This is a winning mix with its twisted melding of Beatlemania, love, drama, comedy, fantasy components, and characters that are intriguing, notably Raj/John who appears into some broadly posed reincarnation of John Lennon. This could make a rewarding read for lovers of fantasy or YA reads.