Book Review: The Ten Prison Coach Commandments

Definitive Psychological Insight to the Prison Systems

There's nothing back in this crude portrait of the criminal justice program's ending point. Who'd have believed there were numerous rules to learn how to endure daily prison life? A number of those rules might sound familiar, like"do not be a snitch," but others are very particular and complicated, rather than something one could have understood until they've crossed the line. For instance who could have envisioned that the mere act of accomplishing someone's food tray to recover a salt shaker could indicate them as disrespectful to the purpose of deserving death? According to the publication,"You could be severely hurt or killed for breaking a rule which you didn't know existed."
A number of the rules or commandments revolve round showing admiration. And since Fuller points out, demonstrating respect isn't something which a lot of the behind bars shine. "Most if not those who enter prison approaches perform this from arrogance, greed, and the inability to love what they have in existence." Because of this, it's more prevalent for many new offenders to come to this frightful environment feigning bravado against sensed fatigue. It's only such a haughty attitude that will indicate you to get a speedy attitude adjustment.
It may come as a surprise to some that one of the factors for the book's book was that there are conditions when one"self-surrenders" to prison. Whether that is actually the case or an inmate occurs through the standard court stations, Fuller's most important message relating to this initial vulnerability could be summed up with his own statement that,"Prison is a jungle filled with nothing but predators... you're the equal of a toddler, since you've got no experience on your new surroundings, and there is absolutely nobody can hope."
Fuller indicates that the ten commandments for all those new to prison are:
Don't Stare at Other Inmates
Don't Trust Your Fellow Inmates
Respect Your Mobile Mate
Mind Your Enterprise
Respect the Staff
Don't Steal
Do Not Be a Snitch
Avoid Prison Gangs
Stay Away From Medication

Don't Gamble

Although it's tough to check the viability of those thoughts, Fuller's history of"11 years in a variety of prisons across the united states" is a persuasive testament. This alone is likely jurisdiction , yet his emotional insight into the motives of inmates is every bit as definitive.
I expect this publication will be required reading before anyone is allowed to step foot in a prison. They must then be analyzed to ensure whole comprehension. This book isn't just for"other men and women." Within this world, odd things occur, also there but from the grace of God go I.