CBD Oil for Canines: All You Need to Know

With the rise of marijuana legalization, comes new research and potential uses for this power plant. One of which is the application of cannabidiol, or CBD, products for pets. Many veterinarians feel that it has potential for treating anxiety to a lack of appetite in both cats and dogs, but the laws in many states restrict discussion of cannabis as a potential therapy option.

CBD Oil for Canines: All You Need to Know

CBD and Pets

College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences has admitted that not much research has been done for CBD oil and pets, yet, but more pet owners are coming forward with success stories. For example, a 2016 survey by CSU showed that 64% of dog owners believed CBD or hemp helped their pet.

CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid compound found in cannabis. All mammals have specific receptor sites in the brain, endocannabinoid and reproductive systems for which CBD can communicate with and influence. In fact, studies continue to show that cannabinoids in cannabis (THC, CBD, CBN, etc) have anti-inflammatory effects and can assist with treating pain, muscle spasms, lack of appetite, aggression, anxiety and more.

When it comes to pets however, you need to be careful. While CBD oil or CBD hemp can help your dog or cat with chronic or acute issues such as arthritis, lowered immune system, stress, digestive issues and aggression, it needs to be applied carefully.

Dosing & Methods for Consumption

There are a growing number of products containing CBD for pets, but it is important to purchase them only from a trusted source. These producers should have testing policies, specific ingredients and testimonials for viewing prior to purchasing. These products come in various forms such as hemp creams, liquids (tinctures) and capsules as well as treats containing CBD and other cannabinoids.

Some examples of companies providing CBD for pets include:

?Therabis: Sachets of cannabinoid compounds to treat skin issues, joint mobility, and anxiety.
?Canna-Pet: Liquids, capsules and CBD treat options
?Canna-companion: Capsules containing multiple cannabinoids and terpenes in regular and extra-strength formulas
?Treatibles: Blueberry and pumpkin flavored CBD treats
?Treatwell: Tinctures in two strengths to put in petsí mouths or in their food
These products can be bought direct from the manufacturer. Additionally, both local and online cannabis dispensaries, such as Fair Canna Care, are great resources for purchasing CBD products. Fair Canna Care not only makes it easy to buy cannabis online, but is also in the process of adding CBD products for both humans and pets.[Does this sound ok?][Yep, this is good.]
The key to starting your pet on CBD is to choose the right product to suit your dogs needs and then start slow! Do not dose them as if they are small humans as they have an entirely different nervous system. If the small dose does not seem to be making a difference, you can slowly increase the dose over a period of a few days. As you do this, be vigilant in observing for possible side effects. If any appear, back off treatment.

Side-Effects of CBD

CBD products won't get your dog high, but they can result in a little drowsiness (likened to giving him or her Benadryl). However, there can be more extreme side-effects such as itching or vomiting. If you are in an area where marijuana is legal, discuss with your veterinarian before changing or supplementing your dogs medication.

It is very important that dogs, cats or other pets should never ingest marijuana bud or products, especially those with a THC component of more than 3% as it can be quite dangerous.

While marijuana in the form of CBD is one thing, ingestion of marijuana bud is another. According to the FDA, your vet should be contacted if your dog has been exposed to THC or marijuana bud and has any of the following symptom(s):
?Heavy drooling

Choosing CBD for Your Pet

Choosing a CBD for your pet comes down to the owner. For those individuals living in a state where marijuana is legalized, the option of discussing CBD oil for your pet, and even buying cannabis online, comes much easier. Legalization allows for an open dialogue between owner and veterinarian. If you are in an area where marijuana is not yet legal, be sure to do lots of research - even call an out-of-state vets office to see if you can discuss cannabis as an option.

Ultimately, it comes down to your pets symptoms and whether or not you feel traditional medicine is failing or not an option. Many pet owners are extremely careful when it comes to what they put in their pets bodies (food, treats, medication, etc). CBD oil or CBD hemp provides an all-natural remedy for many issues ailing pets, especially older ones.

As cannabis becomes legalized throughout the world, and as more studies emerge, we will see an increase in research and treatment options for pets in the future. Many individuals may choose to wait until that time before using CBD for pets. However, if you are one of the many pet owners who currently use CBD oil for their animal, we would love to hear your story!