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This site has already been mentioned, the first chat program in the world (EMISARI) was designed in 1971 by Murray Turoff. But then it was used for government and educational purposes and was never popular.

The program, which created the highly popular modern chat movement, was Jarkko Oikarinen's Internet Relay Chat (IRC).
I would like to talk a little bit about IRC and mIRC;
While Jarkko was developing the IRC, the rings of the chain were beginning to form.
Mirc Script released to the producer and developer Khaled Mardam-Bey

He is a Science and technology developer at a private university. He started working on MIRC Script in 1994, usually we all call or seek our soulmate. You are all wondering when will IRCD and MIRC see each other and start working as two integral systems. While Jarkko continued to develop IRC, Mardam Bey continued to develop MIRC. Mr. Mardam originally discovered IRC, which is only accessible from text-based, shell-based IRC clients like ircII, and found himself thinking, if it were just a little more intuitive, more people could use it. Cinsel Sohbet He wondered if I could create an mIRC prompt that made IRC more fun and accessible while maintaining the technical aspects that many people enjoy and deciding to work on what he thinks would be a small project.

After publicly releasing the first version of mIRC to see if everyone likes it, its popularity has grown dramatically, and over the next decade, I saw myself asking more features from thousands of email recipients from around the world, starting as a small idea and a personal hobby. The thing has always become a consuming, endless project and a full time job. Today, mIRC and IRC are used by millions of people and thousands of organizations.

Jarkko seriously started developing the IRCD in 1990 and still continues to develop it. Approximately 10 million people use it in the world.
Khaled Mardam-Bey continues to develop, but Mardem Bey likes to deal with more problems and support project assignments.
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What do you have to follow?
The same repetition, swearing, objectionable nickname, offense, racism, political propaganda, bad words to state elders, advertising another site, sharing personal information, threats are the rules to be followed to chat.