Cockatiels Are Not For Everyone - Here's Why

1.Birds need physical stimulation, also.

Many people today purchase birds since, in their eyes, they're easier to care for than to get a cat or a puppy. The dog should go outdoors and get loads of exercise, the kitty wants her space and birds simply sit in a cage, right?
Birds normally fly, that's the way they live in the wild.Along with the cockatiel, although he's a little bird, will require lots of exercise.Along with the cockatiel, although he's a little bird, will require lots of exercise. Meaning that he need a broad cage along with a few out-of-the-cage time daily. This means you'll need to have some patience while he is circling round in the area and please, please leave the windows and the doors shut while he is busy doing this. The bird needs to be supervised for the entire time while he is enjoying his workout, since he could fall behind furniture and injure himself.
2. Your'tiel has psychological needs also.
Cockatiels are social creatures, they reside amongst a flock and have a tendency not to do this well independently. If your plan is to acquire 1 bird, then know about how cockatiels possess the emotional intelligence of a 2-year old individual - which means he is needy!
You'll have to spend at least 2 hours daily with your own pet. That does not mean you'll need to hang with him for 2 hours, but be in near proximity to him for this period of time, he'll attempt to socialize together and communicate with you his requirements. It is possible to listen to songs, or read to him or simply speak to him. The bird will love to float on you and see you doing your chores or simply chill.
If you're a busy man, that gets home late from the office, eats on the run whilst viewing the newest on Netflix then leads to bed, then you will have a very gloomy cockatiel, with behavior issues and finally health issues.
3. They have a tendency to live for quite a while.
If cared for properly, cockatiels can reach around 14 decades. That is a very long time. Take into account that the cockatiel will bond with you personally and will have difficulties adapting to a new environment and into a new person. If you can not commit to take good care of a bird for 7-10 decades, than just do not get it. Purchase a cute, little mouse.
4. They do have behaviour issues.
Cockatiels love to sing and interrogate, will try to communicate with all the birds out and enjoy any other bird, will be particularly noisy in the evenings and in the evenings. However, I had my Chico for 4 decades already and my neighbors did not guess I had a bird in my home.
However, if they're not aroused enough or don't have a regular, you may end up with a crying bird. The exhausted cockatiel, that does not get the attention that he desires will try to receive it by being very loudly. And if you don't respond properly, this behavior will intensify and is quite difficult to unlearn.
Therefore, if you prefer your own peace and quiet, get a kitty. If you don't have the patience nor the time essential to stimulate your bird, then get a fish. |}It is better for everybody.
5. They want a technical vet.
Taking good care of this cockatiels is a simple task, however you'll need to carefully watch his desire, his water ingestion and also to ensure he's many different foods in his diet plan. Cockatiels are creatures of prey in order that they will attempt to conceal the fact they're sick until they can not do so anyhow. You'll have to become a specialist in your bird's behavior, carefully observing his routines along with his droppings, since they may tell a great deal of your birds' health.
When he has sick, you'll want to discover a physician that has some expertise with treating exotic animals, though the majority of the vets are specialised in treating cats and dogs.
6. They're delicate birds.
In regards to the environment, cockatiels are extremely sensitive. They like a regular - lighting on/out at particular hours, they like a consistency and they do not love change. In fact, they're scared by it. They require someone that may maintain an arrangement and also a consistency for lengthy intervals.
Also,they are delicate birds, they occasionally have night frights and will require your immediate attention they may injure themselves.
They aren't ideal to smaller children. They're amazing, occasionally majestic and incredibly friendly- ideal goal for kids - but they should be treated with caution, so they're far better suited with older kids. So bear this in mind when purchasing one.
If you're able to deal with each the aforementioned you should be aware that cockatiels are fantastic companions, they're quirky and kind and at times empathetic, really pleasant to watch and certainly will entertain you and your guests with amazing tunes and vocalizations. If cared for correctly, your bird will probably become your very best buddy.

Best of luck!