Critical Review for the Book Titled "Zaika-Kashmiri Pandit Cuisine"

I had been looking for a few excellent books on Kashmir cuisine. I wished to buy the book online. But, it was a futile effort for me. The name of this writer for this publication is Sonya Atal Sapru. Somehow I received her contact info and put a call . I told her about my pursuits in Kashmiri Cuisine along with my efforts to get a grasp of her publication. At a really thoughtful fashion, she added to me that she's a copy of the publication and she could love to present it to me personally. Nothing could stop me other than attaining to her location, fulfilling her and find the copy of this publication. Eventually she gifted me that the book with her blessings. It took me almost five years to write the review of her novel (I had been idle ). I read it twice until date.

The book isn't really thick . The entire amount of pages is 70. It had been printed in the entire year of 1999. The expense of this publication is Rs.195. The cover page is a picture with two frames mixed together-one together with the picture of Kashmiri Puloa and fennel seeds and next one is the picture of a normal Kashmiri Pandit woman wearing a saree having a complete blouse, average Kashmiri Jewellery using all the attribute chained jhumkas and handmade enthusiast in her hands. The rear side of this book is the wonderful picture of this writer with her child in her lap. The writer claims the credibility of the genuineness of these recipes shared in the publication.
The publication has been split into six segments and They're the following:
a. There are in total four ways where the menu could be set for daily.
B. Kashmiri Garam masala (individually discussed in the full book)
The great points in the publication are:
1. There's fantastic amount of rare and one of a kind family photos exhibited in the publication. All these are old and black-white in colour showing the period where they have been shared and clicked with not just the upcoming family membersnevertheless, with each and every reader of this publication. They're abundant in showcasing the civilization of their Kashmiri Pandit families. The writer states"portrait of an ancestor and discovered in an old chest of photos".
2. The writer has taken the time to mention absolute number of portions, prep time and cooking time for each and every recipe from the book.
3. She's clarified every recipe in easy English language.
4. The way she admits to her loved ones for their contribution to the publishing of this book.
The weak points of this publication are:
1. Not many recipes are shared and introduced in the publication.
2. Festive recipes are lost from the publication.
Overall, the book is small and also few webpages. It displays the recipes and their subscribers. The publication is a combination of culture and recipes of Kashmiri Pandits exhibited via the wealthy and detailed photos from the author's household.