Dernatinus The Philosopher Of Ancient Barbaria

"Dernatinus" is a Philosopher and a Warlord out of North Africa in the south East of the Roman Area of Lucu. He had been a soldier in the Roman army but soon rebelled from them became a winner of this berberic cause and also to shield the land of Barbaria. He had been a philosopher because he had been a young guy. He moved into Greece, studied philosophy and math, and returned to find his religious buddy Janayur Missing, and The Roman Empire assassinated his comrades and searching for him. Additionally to kill himthen he turned from the fantastic philosopher into the ferocious warrior.

He was famous for his intense hostility to the priests and clergy, in Addition to his hatred of those temples and explained them as"caves of demons"
He had been the spiritual father of all of the people of the region where he dwelt, until they afterwards believed he was a Prophet in the Lord of Berber"IGUCH".
Some sources state He was the very first one that called America that title" Amurika"
Dernatinus talked in his book concerning the ancient Berber culture, which was over 7000 years old, and also the way the Berbers led to mathematics, philosophy, math and astronomy, in addition to being the very first to mummify the dead and construct shrines for the deceased and pyramids prior to the Egyptians in 2000 decades, he stated they devised writing before all cultures, because the writing was drawings of tools or people to state certain things, then evolved into other types, also said many odd and mysterious titles of cultures unknown in history,'' It's these civilizations that encircle the berberian realm and conspired against it destroyed it and obliterated its culture.
Dernatinus talked about spiritual mythology, also stated that guy was an animal-like monster who drank and ate, but the Lord within his realm delivered over 600 spirits occupied these animals that became later that called people.
"The afternoon of the sacred return", where all of the spirits of those 600 spirits that came in the kingdom go back to the world.
The Novel of Dernatinus is a book full of historic information ambiguous and dependable within the area of mythology.