How Marijuana Affects School, Work, and Social Life - Not Quite What You May Think!

Marijuana use has the capacity to cause difficulties in daily life or make a persons present problems worse. Many believe that marijuana is a benign drug which has little or no detrimental effects for the typical individual. If that is what you believe, you ought to think again! Marijuana interrupts the ability to understand and recall information, lasting for a couple of months following the acute effects of the drug wear off. This may greatly influence your social and work life.

Every vulnerability is a danger. Infants born to women who used marijuana during their pregnancies display altered responses to visual stimuli, increased tremulousness, and a high-pitched cry, which might indicate issues with neurological development. Marijuana-exposed preschool children are observed to perform tasks involving sustained attention and memory more poorly than non-exposed kids do. In the summertime, these kids are more likely to show deficits in problem-solving abilities, memory, and also the ability to stay attentive. Employees who smoke marijuana are more likely than their coworkers to have problems at work.
Marijuana users report bad outcomes on many different life satisfaction and accomplishment. When asked how bud influenced their cognitive skills, career accomplishments, social lives, and bodily and psychological wellbeing, the overwhelming bulk of heavy cannabis users reported that the medication deleterious impacts on every area of life.