How to Quit Marijuana by Stopping Cravings

Among the biggest challenges anybody faces when quitting an addiction is that the cravings you are feeling and when finding how to stop bud this is going to be a main element in your strategy to conquer cannabis dependence so it's possible to lead a healthy happy life, not feel the NEED to smoke weed all the time.

First however, we have to take a look at exactly what a craving is!
Dependency cravings - Dependency is if your system becomes addicted to a medication and you confront physical symptoms once you stop taking this medication. In the event of cigarettes too little ingestion of nicotine (frequently known as withdrawal) implies you body considers it has been starved of something essential which may result in debilitating headaches, nausea, diarrhea and much more. The distinction between marijuana and cigarettes though is that marijuana isn't physically addictive and contains barely any of those symptoms which makes instances of bud addiction a debatable issue.
This doesn't imply there are no physical side effects to stopping marijuana however as most who've stopped smoking marijuana can testify. The active ingredient in Marijuana known as THC (TetraHydroCannabinol) causes physical changes in the human body chemistry that May Lead to Some physical effects like:
Vivid Dreams
Mild Nausea
Sore Throat Eliminating THC out of the body is a long-term process nonetheless since it's stored in fat cells and can be discharged in a later date. To accelerate the process and undergo these physical problems it's ideal to perform a detox to flush out as much of it from your system as possible. Exercise to burn off fat, a lot of water and other detox techniques are extremely beneficial in this aspect.
Emotional Cravings - The physical component of quitting smoking marijuana is simply the tip of the iceberg for several bud addicts since the dependence isn't dependence on the drug that's essentially a non-event. Rather, like some other behavioral issues like alcoholism, gambling and sexual addiction, the ones that believe they can't quit smoking marijuana are considered emotionally addicted and frequently use the bodily symptoms which happen in the first couple of months as a belief they're'hooked' on the medication despite the lack of dependency problems.
That really is nothing to be ashamed about however, folks form ingrained customs to a myriad of items and a few things which may be healthful, but if a habit becomes an addiction in that you think you can't exist without this is almost always damaging to your own life in several negative ways and that is where the actual cravings come out.
- You believe you want to smoke.
- You are feeling SCARED to not smoke.
- You may feel you can't GET BY without smoking a bit.
This may not even be obvious to you when studying how to stop marijuana, particularly in the event that you blame your own continuance to smoke the physical symptoms you get if you don't smoke and this is the point where the cravings which are frozen deep within your head come out of and those are the ones which you want to uproot greater than any!