Is It Time To Buy Domain Names Containing The Word Marijuana or Marihuana?

The lucky few people who've made big money on domain names through the years have witnessed the cultural influences coming in advance and bought domains so. Who'd have believed domains could be so significant? Do not you understand that the company that bought it today wishes they had bought rather (it is sold a few times for at least ten thousand!) ?

Some believe another large cultural change is coming from the drug culture. Marijuana for medical use is currently legal in several countries and voters in California are being introduced with a opportunity to permit modest quantities for recreational usage. As goes California, so goes the remaining countries --many men and women think. That would indicate it is merely a matter of time before bud could be marketed nationally. . So has the time to purchase marijuana domain names?
Some apparently appear to believe so. A recent story from the New York Times told about numerous domainers (people who purchase and sell domains ) that are betting heavily that marijuana will be legalized and anything with the word bud in it'll be regarded as a valuable internet business address. They expect California's Proposition 19 will pass permitting ownership up to an ounce of marijuana for recreational usage instead of the previously permitted use of this drug for clinical use.
Some enthusiastic people have bought around some million names at eight to ten dollars a pop. Proposition 19, nevertheless, seems to be losing its lead from the rods so that you must wonder whether that's such a fantastic thought; or, in the least, if it's, in actuality, an idea whose time has actually come. And even though California goes for recreational bud the Federal government have promised to keep to prosecute users. You need to think it's going to be a long time until it is legal in state, Utah.
That is not so good considering in 13 million, in 5.5 million and in 1.75 million. Even sold for at least a million. That usually means that the ultimate domain name from the bud genre is simply worth a thousand; that must make you wonder whether the drop-off to other perfect domains, constantly abrupt and profound, makes purchasing a huge number of them rewarding.
Does this mean that the rest of us ought to get in the act. Do not know. You wonder just how many great names could be left after someone bought 1000 of these. I mean how many times will you say"bud" meaningfully. Which brings to mind another question: what's the true spelling of bud? That charms (no pun intended ) confusion for a few American English speakers; who would like to spend megabucks on an internet address which will be misspelled with a substantial number of possible clients? Do you assume the people purchasing them at the thousands are becoming both spellings?
The majority of us, naturally, do not have the money to purchase a million of whatever at ten dollars a throw far less a million combinations of"0's" and"1" which must be repurchased annually since it will take a while before bud domains meet nationally approval.
It may, however be a great idea to pick up one or 2 very original ones and hope for the best--or the worst in case you have scruples agains earning money this way. Oh, and be sure that you purchase the titles with an"h" too!