Judge Sonia Sotomayor - What is Her Purpose?

I watched on TV the Day 1 confirmation hearings for Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. As I listened and watched, I started to wonder,"Who is the lady? What does she stand for and what exactly are her lifestyle lessons?" If chosen as the new Supreme Court member, she'll hold an extremely formidable position within our nation.

As any superb astrologer could do:-RRB-, I looked up her astrologically. Allow me to share with you exactly what I discovered.
Born June 25, 1954, Judge Sotomayor is also, astrologically speaking, a Cancer. Family is important for her and her origins extend all of the way back to Spain in which an ancestor traveled by boat in the 1500's into Central America, embracing Puerto Rico as his new residence. She, obviously, was born in The Bronx, New York, centuries afterwards.
Here are the astrological influences of her character. I will let you know exactly what they mean in just a minute, so much as her"Goal" is worried.
Sun: Cancer
Moon: Aries
Mercury: Cancer
Venus: Leo
Mars: Capricorn
Jupiter: Cancer
Saturn: Scorpio
Uranus: Cancer
Neptune: Libra
Pluto: Leo
Sun in Cancer: suggests that she's a patriotic girl with mothering instincts, that, interestingly enough, never had kids. Unusual to get a sun sign Cancer. But, there are choices for each and every sun sign, and she selected politics - quite Medication , instead of regretting. She sees herself as mom & shield into a country. Section of her function, having picked this choice, would be to protect its people through her workplace. As a mother could do for her children in the home.
Moon in Aries: She adopts a character that's subconsciously motivated by what is ideal for her. Hmmm. This might be a character defect which might need to be addressed that, if chosen, she recalls she serves the state and it's constitution, not her own thoughts and desires.
Mercury in Cancer: Her thought process and mind set are extremely silent and inner. This girl is brilliant, so she never forgets something. Provided that she keeps her thoughts on what is best for the nation and follows the Constitution, she'll always do the ideal thing.
Venus in Leo: Judge Sotomayor appreciates the spotlight and wishes to be valued for her character in direction. Since most Supreme Court judges maintain a very low profile, she might find it hard not to be the middle of attention frequently. Do not be surprised if she's a political writer to keep her title in the front of the general public. Hey, come to think of it, she's authoring when she palms down a Supreme Court decision. Her Venus in Leo is solved.
Mars in Capricorn: She had been destined to a place of authority and many importantly, if not all, of her power has gone toward the accomplishment of the objective. I wonder whether that's why she and her husband divorced in 1983. She is no slouch when it comes to her job and works hard and long to maximize her degrees of power. Her greatest efforts pay off later in life.
Jupiter in Cancer: substituting politics for motherhood, the Judge makes a fantastic political advocate or adviser. Hopefully she won't misdirect this to setting policy to the country, rather than translating the constitution. That is the job of a Supreme Court Justice. Incidentally, did you understand that the U.S. is, astrologically, a Cancer state? Independence Day, July 4, 1776 is the day the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence from England. Our state was created at that time that the sun was passing through the constellation of Cancer.
Saturn in Cancer: She can find herself as accountable for the the mothering and fathering of the state. She is very likely to nurture in a compassionate manner and might have a tender spot for all those less lucky. The threat here is precisely what opponents are saying, which is that she'll hand down coverage, based on belief, in place of the constitution. Her job isn't to make law, but to establish and maintain the present laws of the Constitution; certainly part of her function together with Saturn in Cancer.
Uranus in Cancer: Yup, here is the issue. Cancer needs security and tried & accurate outcomes, but Uranus would like to throw it out and start new. Judge Sotomayor desires and demands a feeling of safety, according to all of her Cancer personalities, but Uranus is her monkey wrench. The key for her would be to begin with a brand new, non classic way of something purposeful, without denying her sense of safety, or the country's. Can she make big changes on the job? Should she do so in the office? A better solution may be to keep change from her profession from the Supreme Court and utilize it to, as an instance, to change laws to safeguard kids. Much safer for your country.
Pluto in Leo: The planet Pluto is your greatest search and destroy energy of the zodiac. Back in Leo, it usually means that a part of this Judge's life goal would be to look out and ruin her Leo-like ego. This combination could comprise the character of a control freak, dictator or somebody whose self won't let them respond to anybody besides themselves. A much better solution is to employ healthful standards of control and power in a leadership position. Sotomayor should employ caution and take actions toward managing power in a responsible way and to get the good of the state.
It'll be interesting to see how her hearings move. Can she acquire the position of Justice of the Supreme Court? Can she follow her Life Work and deliver the positive character traits she had been born into the support of the country? Only time will tell.