Kerala Jackpot

Lottery is a sort of gaming. Kerala State Lottery was launched from the year 1967. P.K. Kunhu. Throughout this interval Kerala was afflicted by severe unemployment. The amount of jobless youth at the start of the next five year program was over 1.3 million1. The change from agriculture to industrial and business activities, the trend for white collar occupations, the growth of service industry, inadequate growth in non profit revenue like interest, profit and gain, improved public expenditure etc., were the aspects that contributed the finance ministry to consider an additional source of income to the nation.

Hence lottery has been introduced mainly for decreasing unemployment and also to a certain degree for encouraging the state earnings. Afterwards private lotteries were prohibited. Regulations and standards for running lotteries are framed and lotteries have become a frequent affair today. Currently it provides employment to over 3 lakh people and leads, over Rs. 10 crores per year to the state authorities by means of profit. Income tax deducted in the prize amount comes to crores of rupees.
The very first prize spread in a draw has risen from Rs. 50000 into Rs. 1 crore and more. Overall selling of tickets has also climbed from Rs.75 lakhs into Rs.125 crores annually. Thus it's believed that the lotteries play a substantial part in the life span of Kerala individuals.
But research workers, academicians and policy makers haven't tried much on the topic. This study gap prompted the scholar to opt for this subject. Research issue may be rigorously identified and conceptualised just after a thorough literature review.
A poll among 300 samples were created in different areas - southern northern and central. A poll one of 90 respondents had been created from winners of big prize amounts to examine the pattern of use of prize money.
A poll among 150 samples was made from the vendors of tickets to test the income gained by them in this action. The sample dimensions were kept low due to the problems in receiving the appropriate group. The Manager of Kerala State Lotteries, a couple of district lottery officers, some very big and very smallish vendors of tickets, also the former President of Kerala Lottery Agents Association (KLAA) etc., were contacted and interviewed to get their views and attitudes regarding the Kerala State Lottery. Collected data were analysed using applicable and appropriate practices.