Marijuana Abuse Is More Common Than You Think

Marijuana has been used by humanity for several centuries and yet there's a paucity of information regarding the specific amount of folks that are hooked on it: Although hard evidence is lacking about 5-10percent of smokers who smoked pot will become chronic abusers of bud. Persistent smokers usually smoke two or more reefers each day and some might smoke up to 10 reefers every day.

Addiction to marijuana resembles addiction to other drugs because the patient originally smoke with management and over a time period they tend to smoke greater amounts of marijuana to get high and this contributes to dependence. However there's a significant gap between marijuana and other drugs because marijuana doesn't result in physical dependence. It the large of marijuana the smoker is looking for!
Most smokers begin marijuana at high school or college. These are sort of societal sessions with a great deal of fun and friends. But within a period of time people begin to smoke by themselves and the joint fills each and every area and emptiness in their own lives. The enslavement of the person is currently complete.
So to help people determine their dependence, I've made this easy questionnaire about marijuana dependence. By answering these questions you can reliably find out about their dependence standing.
Marijuana Addiction Test
Answer these questions in easy yes or no arrangement. There's absolutely no time limitation, but it's wise not to spend too much time on those questions as your replies might get biased.
  1. Why do you smoke marijuana? Is it just for enjoyment?
  2. Is marijuana affecting each and every component of your lifetime? Can you leave parties or office to smoke a joint? Can you choose friends according to their marijuana usage?
  3. Can you smoke independently?
  4. If you're out of marijuana, does this make you nervous and jittery?
  5. Can you believe marijuana is a panacea to all of your issues and prevent dealing with at the first location?
  6. Have you been memory concentration, motivation and judgment becoming affected by smoking marijuana?
  7. Does marijuana usage allow you to reside in a make believe world?
  8. Can you feel that the need to reduce or stop smoking marijuana?
  9. Perhaps you have attempted to stop smoking bud before and did?
  10. Can you end up always facing concerns from your own family and friends about your marijuana usage?
  11. If marijuana isn't about, do you drink alcohol or perform other medications?
If you answer yes to over half of those questions then you most likely have a issue with marijuana abuse along with the sooner one accomplishes this, simpler is the remedy.