Marijuana Compared to Alcohol, Nicotine and Other Drugs

This is a debate I have encountered many times in relation to bud and one I use to utilize when I had a marijuana addiction, so as to convince myself it was okay. Nicely worse in exactly what way? If you are referring to permanent damage to the lungs, then alcohol isn't worse than bud for this and if you are speaking about memory loss and cognitive issues, then tobacco is not worse than marijuana in that regard . If you are speaking about mental health issues then alcohol and tobacco are not always worse than marijuana. When folks start saying that this medication is worse than this, it is a small silly argument because different drugs affect the body in various ways. When you start saying that is"worse", I believe you need to ask yourself the query worse to what?

Not just that but various drugs affect different individuals in various ways, for somebody with a vulnerability or predisposition to mental health issues, smoking marijuana could be worse to their psychological health than just taking heroin. And until I get all of the expert marijuana Rottweiler's leap around me yelling"he said bud was worse than heroin" let's burn himwell for certain people mental wellbeing it could be. Before you proceed convincing yourself of that drug is"worse", simply ask yourself for what. All of them have their dangers and side effects, even if they're distinct and one kind of medication might be worse to get a particular individual compared to another. That means you can not always actually say this or that medication is worse for everyone, since it isn't necessarily the situation.
And for the list please do not take this as me defending alcohol, tobacco or another medication, either illegal or legal, that is not the aim of this report. All I'm saying is that all medications can have different possible side effects and the sole reason I'm writing this is because there are lots of people who think that bud, is that the exception to this rule and does not have any unwanted side effects. Which from firsthand experience I understand is not true.
Anyhow the entire debate of that can be worse compared to that which, is somewhat irrelevant when thinking about the negative effects of marijuana anyhow, perhaps there are other medications which are worse to specific things, that does not make bud any less dangerous. Perhaps smoking cigarettes is worse to your lungs than smoking marijuana, though there's lots of evidence to state that it is not, but let's for arguments sake say that they are, which does not mean marijuana is not bad for your lungs also, it does not cause the unwanted effects marijuana has on the lungs any worse. 2 wrongs do not make a right.