Marijuana Misconceptions! Know the Facts!

I have been in the area of substance abuse for near 15 decades, and that I find myself questioning society and our understanding of chemical abuse has shifted. I've been combating the devastating consequences of chemical abuse and, sadly, it does not appear to be getting better. As a matter of fact, my current conclusions are that we've moved into the location where there appears to be a decent degree of drug usage that people feel is benign or indefensible. It's come to be the standard.

It saddens me to believe that our civilization is becoming apathetic into a problem that requires such a heavy toll, particularly on another generation.
Among the biggest problems is how the understanding of the use of gateway drugs such as marijuana has transformed. It appears that parents now accept the use of marijuana in our teenage population. We say,"I tried marijuana once I was a teenager and stop when I climbed up." The stark reality is that the current marijuana is just like the marijuana being smoked 15-20 decades back.
Today's marijuana is far more highly concentrated than in previous decades. This newer, greater concentration generates increased susceptibility to addiction.
To put it differently, it is not your dad's bud.
As an addiction counselor, I now have customers reporting the inability to discontinue their marijuana use. Ten years ago I seldom had customers complain of marijuana dependence.
As the brain develops used to those high degrees dependency grows. The brain adjusts itself to the existence of the replacement and slows down the creation of its natural chemistry.
My very own naivete allowed my kids to become hooked. I wasn't aware the drug culture had shifted or that the medication had shifted. I excused my kids' behaviour as experimental as element of"growing up in America." I was incorrect.
As a parent you have an obligation to be aware of the truth about the risks of drug misuse. Now's experimentation is that the seed of tomorrow's dependence. Know the truth, save a production.
Life is too difficult to do , let us do it together!