Marijuana Physical Side Effects - 4 Common Problems

In all honesty, bud bodily side effects are in fact quite common, even though they're not talked about everything that far. I feel that people do have to be made conscious of these, particularly if they know somebody who appears to be a marijuana enthusiast. That is why I wish to have a second and speak to you about a few of these indicators.

1. Slowness.
When under the influence, you generally have a heightened response time.Some marijuana users claim to be"in the zone" and that this does not affect them.What occurs once you're in the incorrect zone whilst driving or on the job?
2.Reduced Sperm Count.
Research indicates that marijuana lowers the sperm count in men very radically which induces them to become nearly unable to have kids. I am not attempting to state they are completely sterile. Pot also raises the amount on estrogen in males - that may result in gynecomastia (male breasts).
3. Not great for your lungs.
This is evident, but I wanted to mention that. That could cause to severe ailments like heart attacks or cancer. Perhaps you have noticed how frequently you get migraines, or your nose is frequently stuffed up?
4. Higher blood pressure.
Abusing marijuana will probably raise the blood pressure and also the frequency of the heart beat rate radically. Hypertension can be severe and may aggravate present problems.
Marijuana physical side effects are a fact and we shouldn't forget about these. Though the medication is largely dangerous emotionally, the bodily part of smoking marijuana can't be dismissed.