Medical Marijuana: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back?

What's it all about medical marijuana which makes it such a volatile subject? Why are the very same countries that initially decriminalized the selling of cannabis to physician approved patients today hoping to impose a lot of restrictions? For fans of high tech legalization as well as the companies which sell the item, there appears to be a continuous dance between what's permitted and what is not.

LA Lottery Over

Following California decriminalized the selling of medical marijuana almost 800 storefronts opened beneath the guise of getting dispensaries. In May of 2010 the proprietors of 439 of these were advised to close by June 7 so as to comply with ordinances. Distance from areas where children congregate, like schools and parks in addition to enrollment deadlines which were exceeded were mentioned as reasons for the closures.

The next step entailed a citywide lottery to the remaining dispensaries. Just collectives and dispensaries that were in operation in Sept. 14, 2007 and have kept at least one initial proprietor for the lottery. LA has since advised the proprietors of 140 other shops they need to shut their doors too, leaving the town 100 dispensaries.

Governor Susana Martinez - R, created a matter of repealing the medical marijuana laws in New Mexico, also has attempted to bring a measure to the voters this past year to achieve that. This place follows party lines. For today inhabitants of New Mexico will continue to have the ability to acquire medical marijuana legally.

Business Restrictions

Though medical marijuana dispensaries are decriminalized, it has not brought them any closer to a solution involving their company transactions. Until the dispensary is prepared to operate on a"cash only" basis, it might have trouble obtaining required commercial accounts, merchant accounts and insurance policy. Creatively worded applications mentioning the selling of"nutritional supplements" and"healthcare accessories" are being red flagged.

That can be a potentially huge market, however with anxieties about national prosecution on drug related offenses, getting needed accounts may be especially difficult.

1 clear issue is emerging out of this tiny waltz: criteria will need to be put not just about who has legal authority over the sale of marijuana for medical purposes, however if companies doing business with the real purveyors will be protected from unfair reprisals.