Medical Marijuana Use and Child Custody

Of those sixteen countries where medical marijuana is legal, just three supply special legislative protection for medical marijuana patients engaged in child custody litigation.

Arizona, Maine, and Michigan all include language in their legal code saying that a man who's party to child custody proceeding can't be denied custody or alimony due to their prescription marijuana usage, as long as their behaviour isn't unreasonably dangerous. Even though this is still a subjective standard, it will provide some security against the bias that still exists against medical marijuana.
Back in Colorado, even though there's not any legal precedent or speech in the statute expressly protecting child custody litigants, an appeals court has found that a parent's visitation with their child shouldn't be removed only due to prescription marijuana use. But a Washington state court has removed the visitation rights of a guy, party to a custody dispute, due to his medical marijuana use and the grass crops that he legitimately grows in his property. This guy was given only restricted, supervised, accessibility to his kids although there was no documented signs of negligence or abuse.
Regrettably, some judges still respond to prescribed bud as though it had been an illegal and illegal drug. It's uncertain if this is due to absence of people and judicial instruction about the requirement and effects of this medication, or even if it pertains to some regular in family where medication use mechanically equates to decreased custody.
Tips for Medical Marijuana Patients in Custody Disputes
See to your bud like medication. Keep it tagged and keep it together with different medicines.
If you create food with bud, make certain that it is clearly marked and kept away in your children's food.
Maintain a journal of if you take bud and when you interact with your kids.