Multi-Dimensional Non-Speaking Poet

Poetry is a good instance of my idea streams put in to words. Love the rhythm of the poetry that stream through me.

Empty hearts, redeeming grace
Light inside, frequently dim
Healing feeling folks
During our heartfelt ways
Remember kindness, recall joy
No moping time for {me|me personally
Time too short, to waste a day
Hopeful heart is Essential
More than needing
Interesting times
Shifting frequency
Mending hearts
Relieving pain
Very active today
Angels coming in droves
Inform them is what we do
Tears of regret replaced
Hopeful hearts, afresh
Brightening my mood
Eternal bliss, redeeming grace
Once attached, combined as one
Magic occurs, regular looks
Dearest development, unseeing eyes
Wider today, without disguise
Bringing humanity ahead, to celestial house
Feel the change, Light how.
Peace is arriving so it sounds
No more lost one of shallow fantasies
Why? I wonder, can it be ?
Changing energy, all aglow
Inside my hear, I know it's accurate
Saving grace, is massaging
through Ascending zenith, coming now
Donating kindness all around

Beams of light emitting noise

Prepared to move into a calm place,
Filled with grace and love,
Open meadows, starlit flows,
Joyous rapture one of the trees,
Feel marriage at my center, dearest rapture, I love,
You're younger also
Our souls fulfilled one fine day
I understood you came for me
Others also, they knew
Patiently, we instructed you the way
To link your flows with ours
Long readiness, awaiting our drive
Bearing fruit, has eventually come
Dreaming ideas of liberty
Seeing ending in sight
Making progress daily
Dreaming night and day
Feeling longer linked
Launched within my heart
Earth reaches to me
Enamored such as an eagle
Of what I overlooked before
Fantastic adventures await me
In this brand new domain
Vibrational shift happening
Nothing sounds the same
Fantastic sense of pleasure coming
Dotting the skies with starlight
Kind endeavor, trusting fearlessly
Dearest presents establishing trust
Open Hearts beneath starlit sky
Surrendering to keenest perspective
Light encircles each human being
Luminous, type, shimmering hue
Going inward, to relatives home
Journey inwardfree of strife.
Dream of time, fantasy of existence
Jabbing pain, free at This Time
Brave consciousness, surrounding me
Jeering ceased, I'm at home.
Feeling totally free, under command
Hesitate to depart this space
Free from powerful streams
Energy pullsnot ours
Regulating where I move
Really soft, free momentary streams
The Sort, I will sustain
Head thick. Head free.
This is how I love to be
Interconnected so it sounds
Roaming galaxies within our fantasies
Hearing the frequency
Feeling the noise
Pulsing all around
Joining with buddies in this area
Replenishing my spirit
Filling it up with elegance
Joyous rapture is exactly what I believe
Prepared to try to provide one more appeal
Grasping at celebrities Eager to see
There's so much to life
Coming down to meet you.
Heart in my hands
Coming down to greet you.
I'm at your command
I come from additional world
Just like alien, I believe here
Joining together with your character
Hope you know
With no grounding force
It's Difficult to follow track
More and more every day
Watch the world more completely
As you direct me in my way
I like to express myself . The free flowing fashion matches my idea forms. My diligent spouse Mary Ann can also be comfy with words that are free. I aspire to write in my own shortly. Thanks for reading my writings.
The very first link describes a little the way our process works. The second connection speaks about Anthony as a kid. The intriguing boy called Alex is really Anthony.