Our Town

Individuals move in and People move out, out of our Small City,

I guess some ain't obtained what it requires, so they can repay!

We have our share of rascals, as do the rest I'spose,

Why I hear that deviltry, is sproutin' just like a rose!
Now for People Who believe deviltry, is somethin' to repent,

I presume you're too young, or that you just forget!

A kid will have a lickin' before a trick He'll share,

'Til he hunts deep inside of you, to make sure you care!

A city that increases children, to honor their older people,
Matters like keepin' terminology blank, when you listen to'em tellin' off colored jokes!
Or offerin' to execute, a hefty bag of,"Dollar Stuff",
Even though lookin' for all the world to view, filthy and fairly gruff!
My small City conveys her name, from long days of old,
When loggers and if women met, for those women sold!
She has transformed this city of loggers, right into a Great small place to remain,
She provides over a lot of cities, rivers, lakes, and mountain drama!
Oh I love this small city, middle Central Oregon's lovely property,
Where people that make their home , will provide a helping hand!

By linking into clean up the city, on a specified cleanin' day,

Or lendin' a hand to construct a house, sharing Love across the way!
I understand there are such things round, we need to flake out,
But Buddy allow me to tell today,"Those items" we're about!

Some people still need our attention, to help them recover from their injury,

However, by golly most you will meet here in the town, will give to you their arm!
Some people come and a few people head, and I will tell you buddy,
It is fun to be part of a City, I am pleased to recommend!