Past Lives - Future Connections

Past lives - Present Institutions - Real or Imagined

Whether you think in reincarnation or not does not matter, you might have a great deal of fun at your next dinner party using all the next conversations. Simply request your quests their Sun Sign and startle them with all the info provided for your amusement, amusement and enlightenment.
Your guests arrive and the first to do this is that a LIBRA or MALE BIRTH NUMBER 6: A Person on your final incarnation and the one before that and the one before that! You're a cheat, a conman, a liar and constantly got your own manner. If born on October 3rd you have returned to get with Sagittarians! Austria and Switzerland are people and places of interest. If born into the previous day of Libra you're a gigolo!
The dialogue is swinging the SCORPIO's or FEMALE BIRTH NUMBER NINE's: are getting into the action. A female in your past life, witty and comfortable on every topic - on the point of being amusing. Joan of Arc is a title which may crop up on your own life every now and then - no, you're not her qualities you are able to relate to! England, Norway, Sweden and France are places you may find comfortable in this lifetime for on your past life you have around - odd for a"single white lady!" Think of what this suggests.
The SAGITTARIANS or BIRTH NUMBER THREE's do not concur but what the hell? A man and a well went one in that - a explorer, adventurer or even a fire and brimstone interfering missionary! Anything Spanish within this lifetime must allure as will Australia! If born 12th December you expired by the knife on your past life! Born on the 18th you're poisoned by your spouse and in this lifetime may have trouble maintaining a connection intact. Those born into the early portion of Sag had exciting lives.
Your celebration is going well and the CAPRICORN's in the table are interested: Female earlier and feminine earlier this, some-thing of a'black horse' There were a couple'sins' you dedicated (such an old fashioned saying, do not you believe?) And harbour guilt feelings in this lifetime without understanding exactly why or where they came out. India is a nation you need to see and if you had been born there - stay there! I'm a man in this lifetime - slide to a SARI and observe your response!
Speak about AQUARIUS and you will really hit the mark: A man in your past life with Russia or whatever related to Vodka to turn you off! You have lived several lives and a few famous ones- mentioned in our history books that you're a rebel and revolutionist- outside to alter the world. America (south and south ) New Zealand and Wales (?) Are areas you may feel in your home. If born 22nd Jan you're a physical cripple over once.
Last by no way, dear PISCES: A female in your past life, a healer, a nurse or a nun! However, you'd your keys - not shown. China is a nation that'll appeal as will everything ! Coffee, tea, alcohol smokes or anything addictive (even function ) have to be tracked in this lifetime for on your previous life you died of poisoning! If born on the 16th March lifestyle was fairly grim and if you're a female - the guys you meet in this lifetime will treat you how you're treated before-not great!
I have always believed in using a previous life for I am a Sagittarian residing in Australia and it is home for me for now. See one of my sites and discover out a bit more about me and my personal doctrine for if you've got one and nobody knows about it it does not exist.
Numerology and Astrology happen to be my entire life and enthusiasm for more than 30 decades. I have been published a lot of times and have something fresh to offer you every time I hit on the computer keyboard - that wishes to read the identical old same old? I think when you've got a doctrine and nobody knows about it, it does not mean anything. In case you've got an idea or comprehension and inform no one - it is moot.