Past Lives - Present Associations

As always its' the blend of your Birth Number and Astrological Signal that shows the information so let us start with: Birth Number One - Indicating a past-future-life-link using the Sign Leo. In reality, the length of the year'dominated' or affected by Leo will establish a remarkable month or even a terrifying one each and each year. Based upon your age and history you're going to be impacted differently however, the principle is always the same. The afternoon of your Birth = your Birth Number and it's this number that shows your Character - it is the blend of understanding your Birth Number along with your Astro Number which points towards your own Destiny (destination). Therefore, in case Birth Number One is the number then it could be stated when Leo's input your lifetime or, even when you venture through the month of Leo you are coming to know your Character and Destination

Whether you think in Past Lives or not isn't the issue for it is a puzzle, something similar to:"which came first, the chicken or the egg?" All you want to understand is that a persons Birth Number the rest is simple. In my way of believing all lives are lived concurrently therefore meeting somebody in this life associated to a date of arrival brings feelings and memories into play which are still as'living' today as they're'afterward' for as mentioned all existence is simultaneous.
If nothing else that the above mentioned concept gives a fantastic dinner party conversation for if you understand the'gender' of every sign you may have a great deal of'entertaining' stating to someone/anyone that previously you're a female/male and later you are likely to be more male/female and watch due to their responses...