Past Lives - Real or Imagined

Past lives - Present Institutions - Real or Imagined

Whether you think in reincarnation or not does not matter, you might have a great deal of fun at your next dinner party using all the next conversations. Simply request your quests their Sun Sign and startle them with all the info provided for your amusement, enlightenment and entertainment.
We start, as all Astrologers do with the hint: ARIES or MALE BIRTH NUMBER NINE: You're a man in your life and also a born fighter, a survivor - something you have carried with you in this lifetime. Germany or German men and women will probably affect your own life or affect your life in 1 manner or another. You finished your past life unexpectedly and every now and you'll push the'destruct' button within this life - do not you? Inside this lifetime Japan or Japanese items may interest you. On your past life you can sing and within this life may be a karaoke contestant! Talented and arty that has been you - shame relating to this life! If born into the early portion of Taurus you're interested in magic and the occult - in this lifetime completely skeptical of these! Dublin as a town may appeal!
The USA as a nation might appeal! If born into the past couple of days of Gemini - you perished into a huge riches and in this lifetime must search for it! As we continue using our discussions we talk to: CANCER or BIRTH NUMBER 2: Certainly female in your past life with Scotland or Scottish individuals in this life intriguing you! You browse for others and may tell fortunes - studying the tea cups possibly? If born June 29th you connected with individuals who evaded the government! And when born July 4th you lived to the full!
The day has improved till the doorbell rings using a: LEO or BIRTH NUMBER 1: A man in your last lifetime - powerful, virile and fine. People looked for you for advice and you loved prosperity - in this lifetime you can be a spendthrift! Italy and Italian men and women will fascinate. If born into the conclusion of Leo you're short in height and when born July 28th, 30th, or even August 10th you experienced and premature departure - much in child-hood! When you depart this lifetime you won't return for quite a while to your final life was a very long time ago! You enjoyed visiting the garden on your prior lifetime and in this lifetime might be a horticulturist! Greece and Turkey are states which you may want to see or if there - match there! Those born Sept 15th endured an illness after sickness and in this lifetime may endure the exact same or, become curious about the healing arts.
We are going to call it a block for now, return the following day and appear at another dinner celebration. Do not forget to see my sites for all of the advice about who I am and what I have been doing for more than four decades - Numerology for the 21st Century - The Revolution Begins.