Pyramids: The Upper Merkaba

Pyramids: The Top Merkaba

For centuries, people were mesmerized from the colossal structure of Egypt called pyramids. Recently, we came to understand about recent discoveries around these historical structures. We heard concerning its own astrological and astronomical outlook, its own metaphysical factors, applied science, link to ground sciences, spiritual belief and so forth. This is really a awe to find such massive geometric elevations with such a precision.

To associate the above announcement with fact, I'd consult with the recent unveiling of how the pyramid of Giza is eight-sided. We had another opinion a couple of decades back. The solar equinox unintentionally proved the minor angular bent of this pyramid's negative faces.

AnywaysI will present here another theory which a few heard researchers said thinking concerning the geometry.
Merkaba does imply that a chariot in Hebrew text. Ordinarily, it depicts the transition or ascension in your system to the soul with the assistance of celestial light.
"Mer" means {light|mild},"Ka" relates to the soul and"Ba" is your body.
The Merkaba is essentially a merged geometric arrangement of 2 pyramids.
Certainly, it drops under sacred geometry and it's its metaphysical aspects.
From the Bible (Ezekiel 1:4-26), it had been called a four-wheeled chariot that was pushed by four Cherubim's using four wings and four faces. These theories fall under the faculty of Jewish mysticism. Ezekiel was shot with this chariot living. These myths or facts were depicted in Maaseh Merkabah. Additionally, it has a connection with historical alien concept as suggested by many investigators.
Recent improvements on Merkaba discovered a definitive connection with all our DNA structure. In other words, Merkaba may be the geometric version of this building block of modern humanity.
"Chassidic" doctrine says concerning the complex relations of Merkaba using all the individual type, its own ecosystem and also this world and the way to proceed beyond the physical level.
The purpose is:
Pyramids are a physiological kind of Merkaba but simply the upper segment. We must think about liberally about the upside down the construction. It's correctly mimicked the Merkaba explained in historical texts and assists in improving human consciousness.
Researchers state that if they retained burnt batteries out beneath a tiny pyramidal structure cloned accurately form the first one, it gained control for several minutes. A blunt-edged razor got its sharpness back.
Meat, vegetables stored under it does not rot.A surge in astral projections is noticed particularly for people who possess this type of faculty. Lucid dreaming becomes simple whilst sleeping beneath pyramids.
You will find far more to it.
In Indian temple design, we see that a similar arrangement although highly ornamented with carvings.It rises out of a square base up to some point.
The 3D arrangement of a"Shri Yantra" is extremely like these temples.
Indian scriptures place a guideline for all to go to the temples and sit there in silence for at least 15-20 minutes. This is due to the fact that the structure of the temples is created in a way in order to exploit cosmic energies and collect under the shrine that's less or more 1/3 of their temple elevation.
Strikingly like the Indian temples, pyramids do possess exactly the identical philosophy and it's been demonstrated (not at the lab as we're still far from doing this ) it affects human comprehension.
Merkaba is a visualization that endows power to individuals for elevating their"chakra" amount or rather the conscious level to a greater dimension.
Why could this kind of developed civilization, where guys were powered with math, Astronomy, chemistry, agriculture, medications and more will spend their time, effort on building tombs!
The mystery lies in their own glyphs and their hushed immobile magnificent designs.They codified an unthinkable secret message within this structures. We delivered spaced probes that cover spaces seeking new lives.
They constructed pyramids that traveled through ages using a message concealed in its own high precision geometric constructions. Ancient Egyptian structures continue traveling time to locate the appropriate period of culture that will decode the code and then bring a reality for which we might still not be prepared.


Well,it is not so simple to spend couple of days beneath a true pyramid (after all it isn't a hotel ) but we could maybe do some experiments using a mimic of a pyramid (say for example; the pyramid of Khufu) and carry out few experiments. We must remember that a normal pyramid is a Merkaba.
A practice of active and meditation visualization is the significant ingredient of those experiments. For the lab, we have to get a pyramid made from wood or cardboard (few individuals have assembled their roofs in the kind of a pyramid).
Conduct a straightforward math and discover out the proportion of the lengths and depths (you can certainly see in top search engines). Angle will stay the same.
Find out somewhere to set up the home made bookstore and put it over the floor so that in the event that you sit inside it, then your own elevation of the sitting position should be 1/3 of their pyramid elevation. (Please do recall that the sarcophagus of the king at the king's room Is Precisely 1/3 the elevation of this pyramid)
Meditate and picture the Merkaba interior you as a luminous geometrical build. Meditate upon the understanding, which will be you.
The outcomes will soon sensed by you only.
Great luck to you .