Read, Write, and Blue: Writing Tips With a Seasonal Theme

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Together with VE Day, in the Start of May, and Memorial Day in the end of May, crimson, white, and blue are the colours of May. They can lead you on your writing too.
Read... What have you read lately If you are attempting to write, it is sensible to see. From the words of Stephen King:"In case you do not have enough opportunity to read, you do not have time (or the tools) to compose. Read inside your genre to find out what makes it tick. Read the classics to find out what generates remaining power. Read extensively and read frequently. You will write historical fiction, but scifi could nevertheless teach you a fascinating lesson about successful dialogue. Or, you could write spy thrillers, but studying a love might help you learn about the principles of nonverbal communication.
Write... Write, even if it is a paragraph. When you write something, the rest will soon follow. From the words of Chinese philosophy,"A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step". The further you write, the simpler the words will flow.
Blue... Authentic Blue. How can this use? Write something that's true. Am I suggesting that you merely write nonfiction? Certainly not. However, writing and research wisdom have demonstrated that if you're able to insert reality in your writing, the reader will have the ability to relate much better. Write the truest sentence you understand."
If you maintain things overly vague or general, it's more challenging to set up a relationship. If, however, you're more particular, your readers will probably have something to hold onto. Yes, they likely never fought battle in WWII or stained a Renaissance portrait, but they may very well understand the odor of wood smoke on a winter's day or even the crunch of leaves when walking through the woods. And, clearly, in the event that you also write historical fiction just like that I do, your own writing will require much truth and research.
Happy Writing, as you use the plan of a Read, Write, and Blue month!
Have a fantastic May!

My best to you all,