Roland Faissett and The Wizards of Wee Ville by Janice E Clark

It is the first day of college at Wee Ville Elementary School and the pupils are eager to be starting a brand new year. Along with'writing, reading, and arithmetic,' pupils are just about to fulfill with a very special young man with a rather favorable, genuinely amazing attitude that can change all of them.

When the kids repay, their instructor welcomes another pupil who's somewhat late coming for college.
Gradually, he walked round the area,
Robe yanking the ground.
He picked a chair that stood
Right from the Exit door.
Roland appears to be a silent boy, but shortly the course is occupied using their very first mission - drawing a picture of something that they did on summer holiday - and forget about the bashful kid. At last it is lunchtime and the pupils head to the cafeteria. While there, Caitlin, yet another of Mrs. Fernandes' pupils, finds that Roland is not at dinner. Her instructor clarifies that he had a scheduled appointment and could return the following day.
The following day the students in Mrs. Fernandes' course are delighted to realize that bashful Roland has returnedin his magician outfit. The afternoon advances quickly until recess once the students begin asking the young magician about his ensemble. He clarifies that the nurses in the hospital left the costume gave him the crystal ring he can work magic and make much better. He clarifies,"I'd remedies called chemotherapy since my blood is ill," and his crystal ball allows him to view his prospective healthier self that helps him get better. Roland's new buddies are pleased to understand that Roland is completed with his remedies and also for Halloween, all of them do something quite unique that brings the entire course together to cheer on Roland and his retrieval.
The story does not focus on Roland's chemo or additional challenges, but instead how the other pupils respond - and also help their new friend. They visit a boy dressed differently and instead of make fun of them they ask questions since they're curious. Really, the boy's title - Roland Faissett (roster and confront it) - is a play on words which reveal the wonderful resilience of kids.
Quill states: Roland Faissett and The Wizards of Wee Ville reveals, at a ways, the favorable reactions kids can need to someone who's different and the way that, with caring and love, they could assist that kid conquer his/her struggles.