Sensual, Sexy, Strictly Straight Number Eight!

Numerology has been my passion for a long time and when I look in public or contribute any sort of demonstration necessarily the topic of sex comes up from the dialogue. In all these, the lonesome times, folks simply don't communicate frankly anymore. There are many people around who say something and mean another - that you simply need to check at the numerous Avatars from the chat rooms and you will understand what I believe.

If you're a female looking for a male only inquire what date he had been born and you're going to have any thought as to whether to continue with the dialogue or not. Forget the Star signal rather than , suppose, simply ask...
Birth Number Six is for people born on the 8th, 17th or 26th of any month. Old fashioned, conservative, strait laced, which will be your very first impression - do not be fooled, this guy dresses for the event. Prim and proper rather than needing to seem out of place, this guy knows how to act. Do not neglect to discuss his job (leave yours ). If he is young he will seem older than his years. If elderly with more confidence he will seem younger than his age!
Sexually, this guy is about lust and hope and as soon as you've gained his confidence you will be his for the night of your life. If you are invited back to his location you will be somewhat awe-struck at everything you see and after he and you are down to the bare essentials you will be both impressed! This guy knows how to please his girls and as soon as you've attained his respect you will have a friend or fan of life.
Afterwards, in this show we are going to be taking a look at the men seeking females out of their Birth Numbers for the saying differs - think me.
Let me continue, in case this guy appears for a Capricorn that you get a double whammy of all of the above but if you chance to be born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st of any month there is something else at work! Call it destiny, call it fate or call it revenge! - you are supposed to match and in which you meet will provide you an idea as to if fate or destiny is in work or if the green eyed monster of revenge has brought you together to solve some Karma - oh! Yes, even in the event that you don't believe in reincarnation there is something about the numbers 8 & 4 which keep bringing one another.
Never ask this guy about his dad for there will be problems unresolved, spoiling what might be the best night of your life. When he happens to deliver up same sex relationships do not be overly surprised for he's surfaced...
Numerology and the analysis of numbers is a historical art and I wish to bring to the 21st Century by introducing a fresh (Universal) decoration - stay tuned to get the title you are known by also brings negative or positive conditions in your life.