She Was 17 And He Was 44 With A Face Like Granite & A Short, Square Body Hardened By Deadly Exercise

She had been bred and born a Muslim 53 decades back. She is now Called Letitia E. Musah. Throughout her period at secondary school, she dropped in and out of love many times annually. She did not ever hang out by a single man for over six months. She states she had been the most beautiful woman in her college and she had a knack in participating in hanky panky relationships rather than slept with any man unless she had been convinced that the guy actually loved her. She had date a guy for a month or 2 and then ditch him. This was especially true when a guy insisted throughout the first phase of the connection on slipping between the sheets .

Her first experience with a married guy was with her secondary school head master named Abudu. Though he had been married, Abudu was romantic of every pretty girl he meets. She was 17 and that he was 44 with a face such as granite, and a brief square body hardened by mortal exercise. He had three kids and knew how to act in any business and in any circumstance. On the flip side, she had been young, unmarried and naïve. It had been his will not to give lengthy speeches which were frequently larded with vague quotations. Lateefah believed him to become a messianic leader who revealed his students the way into a better life. She'd visit Abudu to seek out guidance on each thing, even for example how to take care of men who regularly harassed her since she would not move out on a date together. Little did she realize she had been dragged to a spider's web. Abudu took good advantage of the youthful attractive and naïve woman. He pledged to make her fall in love with himand regrettably she did. Everything began when Lateefah had trouble in adapting to the new milieu at boarding school.
Although he had been the head instructor in the faculty, in addition, he educated French - a topic Lateefah loathed most. And, though French was a necessary subject, she'd failed in each French examination. Abudu made matters worse by making certain she would not pass some of her French tests. Being the sole French teacher in her college he called the shots. Grandpa got concerned about Lateefah's bad records in French hired a personal tutor. It did not work. At times, all went well through the written exam until the dental part-which was constantly her nemesis. Since she believed Abudu a messianic figure, she never did assume he was the actual cause of her troubles.
It had been one hot day throughout the dry period when Lateefah came back with a serious headache after participate in a volley ball contest, when Abudu eventually got the golden chance to make her sit in his eponymous 25 year old sedan.
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