The Swine Flu and the Neptune Chiron Jupiter Conjunction - How Bad Will the Flu Be in the USA?

Astrologers look to the skies for meanings and symbols reflected back in the world. There are 3 planets which are traveling together from the skies in the indication of Aquarius, an aviation, and a hint that's to do with interconnectedness. Neptune; lord of the seas, has rulership over medications, alcohol, artists and such as water, it may erode and weaken structures if the immune system in people or the base of a structure. Chiron is known as the wounded healer, whose role is to start an awareness to obtain comprehension, many times this happens after challenging times. Jupiter is the fantastic benefic; among those functions of Jupiter would be to enlarge.

Putting it all together suggests that the influenza can be quite prevalent and wound many individuals across all bounds, Aquarius is an air sign and Neptune doesn't have borders, and so the spread of air borne ailments is emblematic for Neptune in Aquarius. After Neptune journeyed into Aquarius there was discussion about the resurgence of a world wide outbreak, even though the avian influenza was cited because the forerunner.
The graph of Mexico has many quite hard transits, (astrological influences) that signify violence and the demand for the nation to change corruption. This could surely be pointing into the mafia issues connected with the drug trade nevertheless there's another sign from the graph for issues with the overall populace. Moon rules that the people at a nations graph, the Moon Neptune Midpoint (of Mexico's graph ) is 3 levels Cancer, also Mexico's Pluto reaches two levels of Cancer. Transiting (consider travel, where the world is at the skies ) Pluto is contrary this midpoint for the very first time, and transiting Mars is squaring those planets.
This signifies a serious outbreak, violent and sudden (Mars in Aries) it seems that the disasters will continue during the upcoming new Moon May 24 2009 at 8:11am EDT. The Moon of the USA is in the specific positioning of this Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune mix and it looks like the flu will affect the USA seriously. If your graph is below health anxiety then you want to take additional measurements to guarantee you don't get infected. The pressure indications in your chart will be Saturn for your Sun, Moon, or even the ruler of your 6th house, Neptune for your Sun, Moon, or ruler your sixth home or an eclipse in your Sun or Moon. All these are classic signs of lack of energy and the time period in which you're more vulnerable to illness.
The Neptune Jupiter Chiron mix has other methods to translate the symbols. The educated side of the influence is a telephone to donate and assist human kind. The way it is possible to function and leave the planet a better location? Many astrologers recommend actively working together with the greater side of the power of these planets in expectation of thwarting the negative side. Anything you chose use care during the next few months as the power of infectious illness is in its peak.