There Be Sickness A' Foot

You Will Find a vile Illness a' foot

For which a band-aid doesn't exist.
Instead, an individual has to get into the origin
Or the malady will persist.
The topic must first off comprehend
Those symptoms that are real.
They cannot be concealed from truth-seeking eyes,
And need to be publicly treated.
But before the individual no more smothers
Those problems so deep inside...
This syndrome will fester and spread to the others
Affected by her (or him).
Exotic expressions of patriotism connected with anger and hate.
Disdain for universal human rights aside from their own.
Propaganda and obvious lies against"enemies of the country".
Obsessed with army"safety", though federal crime has increased.
Suppressing intellectuals and those who shield Earth
While uncontrolled corruption does its damage, entirely not blamed.
Linking false"faith" and corporate management: most do not know it.
Aided by regulating sycophants of ignorance many famed.
Secure businesses, bankers and the ruling elite.

Disdain for the arts and people who care, anybody with"soul".

Fraudulent elections to guarantee ethics is overcome.

Power of labour removed and mass media today commanded.
Things to do, then? Is there a remedy?
If the symptoms are only ignored?
While many empower the illness, to be certain,
instead of deal at its heart.
I can't offer you a correction

If others refuse to honor.

But a person must alter the direction
Ahead of the wholesome cells die.
We have to observe that illness among us
As it loudly declares its ability,
Or the sweetness of existence doesn't more exist
As humankind is quickly devoured.
First, an honest entrance
The illness really exists
And, unless it's caused by entry,
We could do nothing more than to desire
That those indicators will disappear
And all will soon be fit ...
But reality demands over a sigh or a tear
And measures applied to the conclusion
of issues which exist and can't be denied
As the accurate reality are brought to the fore:
That a shadow continues to fester inside,
Having a power that has to be abhorred.
Then follow Decent thinking with action in the beginning
So others won't succumb
To stupid anxiety that spreads so quick
As epidemics so readily come.
Infection of the heart, the spirit and the brain
In the hands of people who lie
And expand their ability o'er the weakest type
Too lazy to try
To locate true truth about their ailment
That exists in those many ready
Whose leaders do deceive them together with such horrible simplicity
And direct them to perform their killing.
To destroy the spirit of caring and enjoy
If you refuse to devote...
To destroy the entire world below and over
And bask in the liberty of sin
So readily popular among people who adopt
Their leaders that operate their strings,
For puppets they're who Don't Have Any flavor
For Those animals of life who sing
Of the wholesome of heart and the soul and the brain,
Those guardians of all that's true...
As folks of a thoughtful form
Can work to do exactly what they need to do.