Total Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Cancer & Second Jupiter Conjunction With Chiron

There's so much happening in the heavens, pointing us to the path of a deeper comprehension of where we're in our own life, helping to learn more clarity and also a greater degree of consciousness.

Solar Eclipses Talk to our lifetimes!
Together with the Solar Eclipse directly in the front of our eyeswe do understand something auspicious is happening and we may feel relieved from the magnificence of this world and its mysterious methods of working. I live on Maui and once I look up in the night skies I can really watch the stars. I enjoy doing this! In addition, I have a fantastic friend who likes to talk to her husband into Solar Eclipses all over the globe; he actually proposed to her on a few of their first excursions! So what's happening using Solar Eclipses? Why is it touching our spirit and soul?
Total Solar Eclipse
When the Sun is coated from the Moon we'll experience complete darkness! I recall watching my first Solar Eclipse as a little child and feeling quite unsettled from the shadow in the center of the afternoon. I'm sure Solar Eclipses happen to be observed with dread through the ages. After each of the Sun was perceived as the bringer of light and life on the planet earth and has been known because of its importance and its effect on our own lives here.
The light of the Sun because of our understanding being gone will have been accepted as a bad omen. But how amazing if the Sun reemerges, dispersing the life giving power! And with this a fresh cycle of comprehension and growth of life and consciousness!
Now we understand about the factors for eclipses occurring and we know precisely where and if we are going to have the ability to see it. Nevertheless it's not removed much in the puzzle of it and also the feeling of something important happening.
A Lunar and also a Solar Eclipse in Opposing Evidence this Month
Eclipses are extremely potent New and Full Moons! They are thought to deliver the shadow aspect of their opposing as well as the signal it's into the foreground of the understanding. Together with the Lunar Eclipse at Capricorn on July 7th and the Solar Eclipse at Cancer on July 21/22 we'll for sure have a opportunity to look deeper into that darkness but to the terrific possibilities of integration too.
Cancer is regarded as the very feminine water sign representing the celestial mother, reside giving and life affirming. Capricorn is regarded as the fatherly directing principle of power. We're living in a period where bias based on gender or skin colour is losing its dominance, and what an exciting time it is to reside in!
Assessing the Male and the Female in Us
Most of us possess a man and a female side within us! In astrology the Sun and Mars is representing the internal man and Moon and Venus the internal girl. As soon as we have a solar eclipse the Moon is merging with the Sun, the man with the female and for a second there's oneness and equilibrium of both. This will inspire us to try to find this balance in our life more consciously and efficiently.
The Aquarian Age
In the larger picture we're moving in the Aquarian Age, a 26, 000-year cycle that introduces an age of equality and cooperation rather than the ego driven older paradigm of the existence of the fittest. We're on the cusp of enormous changes in our state of awareness and the way we perceive ourselves on earth. The Mayan calendar is finishing in 2012 and it there's the prospect of a paradigm change to something genuinely new.
New Moon
The New Moon consistently is a time of fresh starts by cleaning the plate of their aged and outlived. It's a time to reorient and check in with all our deepest soul goals. In addition, we have two New Moons in Cancer this season, one was at the start of Cancer, in the end of June and one is in the end of this signal in July. Additionally this New Moon includes a quincunx to Pluto; the representative of transformation, death and rebirth.
What Does This Really Mean For You?
Wherever that the New Moon is falling in to your graph that's a place in your life that you would like to look closely at!
Which home is it ? By way of instance if it's in the second home, which will be representing our financing and land, the material world we are living in; you may wish to know about the way you nourish your self in a really concrete manner. Can you invest more money then you get? Are you currently taking control of your financial standing? Or do you blame the economic situation and the authorities and victimize yourself? Should you blame someone else you do not perceive yourself as a way to alter anything; hence blame is obviously dis-empowering!
Just how many individuals have prospered in times of economic downturns? Are you really looking at the glass half empty or half full? Can you take responsibility for your own life or not? Do you know that where you are in your lifetime is the end result of their ideas, beliefs, values, customs and activities of your own past? If you genuinely know and accept this, you've got the key for altering your future!
Secondly Jupiter Conjunction with Chiron remains near Neptune
Within half an hour of this eclipse Jupiter is with its next close encounter with Chiron.
I've commented about the potent threesome earlier and their energy conveys great potential and volatile growth for expansion. If you would like to read more about these you can visit my Astrological Signs Weather Report & Healing Gems Blog.
Since Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron are extremely slow moving celestial bodies we'll have a while to incorporate the basics and make it work for all of us. Between March 2009 and February 2010 those three planets will stay within 10 degrees of one another.
Venus Squaring Saturn
Six hours prior to the Solar Eclipse Venus is going to have an specific square with Saturn. Since the 2nd female archetype in activity, Venus is encouraging new approaches to link between the genders for the guys from Mars along with the girls from Venus. Saturn frees us up when connected with private planets and as a consequence of this brings light into older rigid constructions, therefore placing the ground for change.
This is a great time we live in! All of the internal needs of humankind for success, security, equality, liberty and love are all culminating from the potentiality of this current moment. Astrology as a tool to translate time quality versus period quantity is of fantastic assistance to recognize the grade of the seed of each given moment and that which may evolve from it.
If we all know this particular seed is developing a tomato plant, then we'll treat it with just the ideal quantity of nutrients, water, color and sunlight to allow it to grow. The same is true for the possibility of any given moment and beginning point of anything fresh. If we understand the time quality clarified by astrology we'll have the ability to help it along to its greatest expression.
Along with your private expansion into a greater degree of consciousness is impacting everyone around you and also is contributing to the collective awareness. Nonetheless, it's also assisting you tremendously on your own personal alignment with the international forces, which deepens your awareness of balance and pleasure at the moment!
If you liked my ramblings about astrology and life, you can see me in my Astrological Signs Weather Report & Healing Gems Blog in which I talk about the authentic universal, astrological powers and motivate you to use them sensibly for an effective and joyous life. Healing gemstones are indicated as resources to equilibrium and develop into alignment with the cosmic stream and naturally may be used to make custom made soul jewelry too.