What Characters Will Benefit From The DC Reboot The Most?

Together with the DC comic book only around the corner, I have decided to examine what characters may benefit largely in the shake-up. Having a substantial 52 titles set to be published in September, DC is revealing they are serious about their personalities, and I can't wait.

1- Superman
Superman is your character most influenced by the approaching reboot. Having a new source, and a new costume, DC tries to update Superman to the 21st century. Having a new film along how, The Man of Steel must immediately launch a new fan base, and author Grant Morrison clarifies Action Comics 1as a action comic that recreates Superman in a lot of different ways. Whatever Superman with Grant Morrison involved is guaranteed to be a hit (only see his job on All-Star Superman), and it is about time The Man of Steel has back to top place as the world's best superhero.
2-The Flash (Barry Allen)
To be able to place Barry Allen back as The Flash in 2008 angered a great deal of people. Fans believed Barry's nephew, Wally West had come up to now in personality growth, and taking the Flash mantle out of him was a terrible move. In my view, besides a stand out moments in'Blackest Night' Barry has to create the Flash his own again. Well, now is time for Barry to justify why he is the definitive Flash, and what better way for him to do it afterward when a friend becomes a new villain that is everywhere at once.
3- Green Arrow
Together with Marvel's archer Hawkeye now getting all the attention, today could not be much better time for Oliver Queen for himself a brand new string. What I really like about Green Arrow is that he is morally ambiguous. He's a fairly right-wing hero, that is not scared to place villains down for good in some specific conditions. Together with the newest reboot setting Oliver Queen back to fundamentals, hopefully new subscribers will realise exactly how intriguing Green Arrow is just as a personality and a Robin Hood look equally beats a man in purple spandex daily. DC only must avoid earning Green Arrow too like Tony Stark, and I am sure that this series will work amazing things for the personality. Did I mention that his bow currently has blades in both ends?
When Haley's Circus (the circus where Dick once played ) returns to Gotham, together with mystery and murder, Nightwing must face his past and confront old and new enemies. Dick Grayson never actually fitted the character of Batman. His acrobatic fighting style, along with his positive personality did not just install good dread. Together with Bruce back as the Caped Crusader, Dick returns after again as Nightwing. The reboot has given Grayson a brand new black and red color scheme because of his lawsuit, which suggests DC plan on creating Nightwing the coolest character in comic books . Hopefully his new show will have tons of actions, and a hook up with Barbara Gordon not too much down the line. Marvel have shown former sidekicks like Bucky Barnes may be equally as hot if not more than their individual personalities, so ideally DC is going to have the exact same success with Nightwing.
So there you have it. These are the best 4 characters I believe will benefit most of the DC comics revamp. Having a whopping 52 titles set to be published, there are certain to be some stinkers, but so much as these four figures move things are just about to get large. Other titles like Wonder Woman and Aquaman have a chance at discovering glory, however only time will tell. Bring September!