Why are Pot Smokers and Marijuana Users So Lazy?

Many that have friends who use marijuana have discovered their buddies are idle and really this monitoring is somewhat universal. In reality another frequent observation is that marijuana smokers or people who pass the bong are hefty Dominos Pizza Clients and never fulfilled a suitcase of Duritos they didn't fall in love with.

1 think tank guest that had been a heavy marijuana use, that may be for medical applications as he didn't state, nor give his own title said this assumption of people being idle because they smoked marijuana was unfounded, even though he did later admit to frequently getting the munchies. He said to this think tank
"People believe smoking marijuana makes people lazy, causes them to shed their vision, or leaves them more inclined to try different medications. In reality, the reverse is true. Individuals that are idle, have too little vision who are considering trying medication, are far more likely to smoke marijuana"
The businessman who initially brought up the Topic of work ethic and marijuana usage confronted the guest believe tank individual who was an admitted illegal drug user and said:
"That's such BS. I've seen Marijuana consumers and they're definitely idle, particularly during the times they're using it. And I discover they cannot deal with high pressure jobs , if they going gets rough, they wimp out and test out to go find some marijuana."
It seems no matter what facet of this argument you're on; this is to state to legalize marijuana or not, it appears that marijuana smokers are idle appears to be the frequent perception. What do you believe ought to be carried out? Can you think this to be ? Have you ever considered this? Can you employ a heavy marijuana user that will assist you on your business?