Why Hollywood Executives Love Myths in Film Scripts

For most aspiring film writers, among the most annoying things to nail is exactly what genre Hollywood executives are searching for. Do they need action? Drama? Comedy? All three?
Perhaps. This is based upon the current market and screenwriter's adventures and screenwriting specialization. However, what Hollywood executives enjoy and search for in movie scripts is fantasy. A story's origin could be in certain racy fantasy, a principal character could be based around and concentrated on a fantasy, etc and so on. No matter their execution fashion, myths can help sell scripts.
The reason? Myths are relatable, reluctantly transformative, and broadly recognized stories which will not get lost in translation, which means more fame and much more profits for a movie. What's more, a larger number of people are going to have the ability to discover meaning in the films using mythical elements, which stage will result in fostered long-term earnings and significance.
Adding components of fantasy into an present script is not all that hard, nor is incorporating myth to some script since it's being crafted. On the other hand, the advantages of performing so-which may truthfully find out whether a script is commissioned-are remarkable. To benefit from legendary elements when writing a script, then just read through some previous tales, legends, and stories, which may be found on the internet with a click or 2. A couple of minutes of work this manner will prove invaluable in the long term.