Why We Immortalize Artists/Musicians Who Died in Their Prime

They were like demi gods within their deepest worshiped by legions of fans globally, enticing us with their lyrics & songs, but their cryptic & premature death shocked us left with an inedible mark in our own lives, which makes us immortalize them into the day.

However, what if they had been alive; would we still hold them in amazement? Can their favorites, Lyrics or Compositions be respected? Can their sway & fame be exactly like before they expired? What affects our attachment to these when dead than living? Is it something inherent or emotional which makes us love them when gone?
It is tough to understand what makes us such musicians, but after reading a few posts, I've advanced several theories to help clarify.
"Many things he'd attempt because he knew soon he would perish,""Today Jimi's gonehe's not lonely / His memory lives on,""Five decades, he said/ He has not gone, he is just dead." These traces baffled fans globally, as just five decades after he was discovered dead in his flat aspirated by his smoke while drunk. Many thought he called his own death, and from the lines above I'm leaning towards the very same, which supplied a facet on my theory why people immortalize themArtist who called his departure.
With close prophetic accuracy of the premature departure, buffs were mystified by producing conspiracy theories describing such premonitions. Without a rational reasons or motives, fans denied let them idle in Peace because they always hunted for any logical explanations.
Thus immortalizing such musicians by refusing to allow them fade away, by looking for answers to describe how they could have somehow called their own passing and revering them by attempting to decode such puzzles.
Aaliyah Dana Haughton also understood by her moniker Aaliyah, attained such a feat still a teen, not denying her functions at a variety of Blockbusters such as Romeo must die.
As her star was shining brightly, on August 25, 2001 at the tender age 22 her entire life was snuffed out with a plane crash in the Bahamas, and following an autopsy traces of cocaine & alcohol was discovered in the pilot program. Her passing shocked all globally, as lovers hadn't had enough of her outstanding talent, they weren't finished with her, and she had more to offer you.
Hence providing another facet of, Artist gone Too Soon, in which we immortalize such musicians by refusing to allow them idle in Peace, since their passing came quite too soon & surprising rather than giving enthusiasts time to understand the circumstance.
Or it may be something inherent or psychological; since they hold a particular place within our heart, like our nearest and dearest, so if they expire we maintain their memories burning within our hearts thus immortalizing by default.
Whatever reason you've got or think about, nobody deny the fact that their lyrics & songs played a significant part in shaping our lives in 1 manner or another, thus morally obliged to independently and keep their memory alive.