Amotivational Syndrome - A Symptom of Marijuana Addiction

In the following guide I will be speaking to you about the amotivational syndrome, which is most likely among the very mysterious indicators of marijuana dependence.

Here is how the syndrome is characterized by Wikipedia:"a syndrome related to diminished motivation to take part in normal social conditions and actions, together with lapses in apathy brought on by an outside event, scenario, chemical, connection, or other trigger."

I would like you to see that definition and just consider all those introvert buddies you've got.
Are they all cigarette smokers? Obviously they are not. Can they match that definition. They probably do.
Well, it's pretty much common knowledge that in case you abuse bud, you stop caring about what but marijuana. You do not care about your buddies. You do not care about your own school. You do not care about your own work. Obviously, if that keeps up, you are likely to gradually lose friends and eventually become more of a hermit.
Ensure that you watch yourself carefully. See... the thing is that you will probably feel you are turning into a loner long before anybody sees anything, so await mindset changes. If you are beginning to feel that you are starting to fail things that used to be extremely valuable to you, then a red flag ought to take up and you need to slow down a bit.
The amotivational syndrome is truly a pain especially if you're friends with somebody that has it.I mean, if that is the situation you probably feel neglected, ignored, insignificant and insignificant in a great deal of situations. Just be certain to remember it is nothing personal. It is pot.