Don't Wait For 2012

Can you believe it as well? There's a real electric energy from the atmosphere. We're in full swing at the year 2009.

There's great reason behind the energy you are picking up at the moment. 2009 adds up into the number 11 - a gateway year.
Unfortunately some folks are waiting to be stored or stored in 2012. Other folks believe the planet's going to finish. These individuals are feeling increasingly fearful as world events unfold. All this conjecture relies on a few historical and contemporary calculations of planetary alignments and these.
However, the Mayans never proclaimed that the end of the planet. They just stated that their calendar has been coming to a closefriend. Since the entire world sure could use a new sort of'calendar'
What is not widely known is that. Mayan Elders will inform you they have a lot of calendars, not only one.
The one thing that matters is what you are doing, thinking and feeling at this time.
Can you feel a significant quickening from the atmosphere? There's very good reason behind this. 2009 adds up to 11 - a range of mastery and stirring. 11 signifies light and power. 11 impacts our nervous system.
Because of this, during 2009 we're being asked to open our eyes and adopt Truth. And this usually means that you should be cautious about where you get your data from. How do you really feel about what you are seeing, reading and hearing? Does this resonate? Otherwise, trust your instinct and proceed. If so, trust your instinct and do it.
Intuition comes from lightning flashes. It's electric. It stimulates and confuse your deepest feelings. Your instinct is the trick to walking through almost any fresh gateway. It guides you to the light.
Should you resist the fact or your innate urge to make changes, you can feel overwhelmed with nervous tension.
Notice that there are more folks going on shooting sprees this season - they are absolutely going mad. Do not be amazed as distinct sectors of society have been influenced by the world and economic events unfolding at this time.
Now, do not get me wrong.
If you climb to the struggle - and 11 is a Master Number, therefore it's supposed to challenge you to better awareness and activity - your achievement, enjoyment and peace of mind are ensured. If you turn from the fact looking back at you, then you're feel tension, anxiety and good branch.
The 2 1s represent two columns by which you're being asked to walk through.
So what is on the opposite side? - you are probably asking. Ah, that's a puzzle. The solution depends upon your willingness to behave.
Whenever you do, you'll be richly rewarded.
Utilize the present financial crisis as a springboard. The number 1 represents leadership, creativity and original idea. So the dual 1 at the amount 11 is controlling you to be creative and original.
Bear this in mind too: 11 reduces to two, a vibration representing relationships and cooperation. So join with your neighbors, your friends and the regional community. Listen to your own mentors. If you do not have mentor, then find a person who is compassionate, confident and motivates you to be a pioneer.
The near future will unfold based on what you really do at this time.
The main point is you can not trust your company, your bank, your politicians or the media. You can just trust yourself and the men and women who resonate with you and encourage your objectives.
So that will help you avoid potential challenges and attract positive people and events in your own life, be certain your existing name adds up to some lucky number. Do this 1 thing and you'll leapfrog all unnecessary challenges.