Is Medical Marijuana Legal In California?

These days, there are 14 countries in US who have made use of marijuana legal. Out of those 14 states, California was really the very first nation that made marijuana legal for the sufferers. However, why is medical marijuana legal in California?

From the year 1996, the Compassionate Use Act that can be known as Proposition 215 was enacted which said that patients suffering from debilitating medical conditions have the right to take advantage of cannabis legally. On the other hand, the individual may just use the material for medical purposes and only when it's been advocated by a certified doctor. This action was filmed on November 5th and has been passed with 56% votes in favor.
So today if you're believing"is medical marijuana legal in California", then the solution is that yes it's but only for individuals that have obtained a permit to generate use of it for medical reasons. To be able to acquire a permit for use of marijuana in California, the individual must be experiencing a condition like cancer, glaucoma, AIDS, acute nausea, persistent muscle strain, etc.. In addition, the individual must get a written recommendation by a certified doctor. Next, the individual might need to complete a form and send it into the registry from where he might find a response in 4-6 weeks.
Since owning or using marijuana is a crime under the national law, there are stringent limitations concerning how far a patient could have in his or her possession. In California, a patient could have 8 oz of bud in dehydrated form and also have 6 adult plants. In addition, the individual must be 21 decades and over and it's a criminal violation to market this material to a small. Punishment for using marijuana illegally contains imprisonment. When an institution was shown to promote marijuana to minors or it might be prohibited from possessing and distributing the material and might also be fined and imprisoned.