Numerology and Your Sexual Potential

Numerology has been my passion for a long time and whenever I look in public or contribute any sort of demonstration necessarily the topic of sex comes up from the dialogue. Allow me to provide a'snippet' of exactly what your Birth Number shows about your own potential.

If you're a female looking for a male only inquire what date that he had been born and you're going to have some thought as to whether to proceed with the dialogue or not.
Men born in the 1st, 10th 19th 28th of any month have been born into Birth Number One: He likes to be the boss, enjoys to flaunt. Masculine or is that macho? Could be overconfident or can it be that he is just a'desire to be' celebrity?
Likes and enjoys to be on top, this guy has a healthy self or is that self a difficulty? Often overestimating his art that he can act as a kid when he does not get his own way, even throwing a two or three to draw attention with this amount enjoys an audience - provided they are listening to him!
Socially, he will not mind picking up the tab in the pub or restaurant (provides a fantastic impression) so purchase large and costly! Physically, they generally have fine ones or eyes which invite you back to their place for some thing more than simply a cup of java! Ask him if he is a Leo and should so you may bet your bottom dollar that dad is looking over his shoulder!
Protective to people they love and respect - fighting opposition but may be a bit too possessive and that desires a too possessive spouse? Sexually, may be a bit too severe but after he lets down his hair there is no longer imaginative than a few one (so long as you leave the lights on!) Remembering this amount is your consummate performer so give him the applause he wants and if he neglects to'rise to the occasion' do not create a fuss - you understand exactly what I mean...

Being a rich number he's a powerful desire for a husband and dad so if each one of the above gives you food for thought and he satisfies all of the standards and you desire the very same things he can (children in particular) go for it... If you've got your doubts and exactly what he says rings warning bells in your head do not believe him when he says he has had a vasectomy!

Numerology and Astrology happen to be my entire life and enthusiasm for more than 30 decades. I have been published a lot of times and have something fresh to offer you every time I hit on the computer keyboard - that wishes to read the identical old same old? I think when you've got a doctrine and nobody knows about it, it does not mean anything. In case you've got an idea or comprehension and inform no one - it is moot.