Study Links Marijuana to Testicular Cancer

Without wanting to be overly alarmist, I thought I would start this post with a couple of data about testicular cancer. However, in addition, it needs to be stated that testicular cancer has become the most prevalent kind of cancer in males aged 15 - 39. What is more, the incidences of this disease are rising - with between 6 and 3 per cent more cases being reported every year.

The factors for its increasing rates of esophageal cancer have stayed much of an enigma. But, researchers in the Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle think they may have solved a part of this mystery.
In accordance with their new study, published in the journal Cancer, regular Marijuana smokers might be around 70 per cent more likely to create the very aggressive kind of testicular cancer (called a nonseminoma) than people who never get the medication. What is more, frequent users that began smoking Marijuana prior to age 18 might be at even higher risk.
The analysis, which compared frequency of Marijuana usage between 369 guys with testicular cancer and 979 healthy guys, actually discovered that people who began smoking the medication before age 18 were 2.3 times more likely to create the competitive form of the disease.
The investigators suggest that younger consumers of this medication might be more vulnerable to possible adverse environmental variables - like the compounds in Marijuana (called cannabinoids). Like the mind, the testicles include cannabinoid receptors, as well as the uptake of Marijuana cannabinoids by those receptors might interfere with the testes natural defenses against germs.
Here is the first study to demonstrate any correlation between Marijuana usage and testicular cancerand even in the words of these researchers, it is a'hypothesis' that necessitates further research. However, the researchers do notice that increases in the prices of this disease within the last 50 years do match with a substantial gain in the usage of their Marijuana.
Dr. Stephen Schwartz, one of the principle writers of this trial, highlighted that kids need to be made conscious that little is understood concerning the long-term effects of smoking Pot, and although the results of the trial had further confirmation, it supplied"some evidence that esophageal cancer may be just one adverse result."