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Safe Summer Grilling

It's summer and that means it is time to break your gas or charcoal grill and reach grilling. According to the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association, over 80 percent of U.S. families own a grill, with nearly half of those folks grilling at least 1-2 days each week throughout the summertime.Danger ZoneGrilling is a tasty way to prepare your foods, and cooking outside keeps you away from heating up the home by turning on the cooker or stove. There are a few risks related to grilling which you mig...

Easy Grilled Fruit Recipes Perfect For Any Day

Vegetables have been known as character's dessert. They are healthy, adds colour to some menu and first and foremost, yummy! Like anything else cooked on the grill, fruits become more succulent and yummy when smoked. So next time you have a cookout, try out a healthier sweet dessert - create one or more one of these simple grilled fruit !Cherry and Peach Pleasure with Honey-Cinnamon SyrupEverything you want:3 peaches, pit lost and chopped into balls 1 3/4 cups cherries, pits and stalks removed s...